How to create Qiwa account in KSA

How to Register on QIWA Portal Online KSA

Qiwa is an electronic platform in KSA that provides the (MHR) Ministry of Human Resources & Social Development services in 2019. From this app you can submit and register to your individual profile, can submit your business online, can submit an employment form, etc. There are more the 85 services in the Qiwa app that you can use. It is specially designed for laborers working in KSA (Saudi Arabia) benefits. To create a Qiwa account you must have a need to have an Absher account. If you do not have this account then you can check the Absher account creation method on planspapa.

How to Register on QIWA Portal Online KSA

To continue registering your account on Qiwa you have needed your national ID or Iqama. Because in the first step you have to need to provide these details while registration. After this, you have to need to provide your date of birth by Hijri calendar. If you are a resident of another country and you do not have a Hijri date of birth then in this condition you can use an online Hijri calendar and check your Hijri date of birth easily.

1. change the Date of Birth to Hijri calender

It is very easy to know your date of birth by Hijri calendar. Mostly those people who came abroad need this calendar. Here I will guide your to change the date of birth to the Hijri calendar.

Go to the Islamic Calendar website:

First of all, go to the Islamic calendar website and change your date of birth in the Hijri calendar. Do so, open the Hijri calendar site and select the year of your birthday and full date as shown in screenshots.

change the Date of Birth to Hijri calendar

2. Open the Qiwa app or website

Now, open the Qiwa app and website to start the registration. If you don’t have installed this app then install it on your mobile phone otherwise you can use the web version for registration. If you are using the web version then after open the website click on the register button on the right corner header.

3. Enter the National ID / Iqama

You have to need to enter your national ID or Iqama in the first box. In the next box, you have to need to enter your date of birth in the Hijri calendar. I have described the date of birth changer into the Hijri calendar so check the first step. Enter the date of birth in Hijri and then tap or click on verify my information.

How to Register on QIWA Portal Online KSA

4. Verify Account by Entering the OTP

You have to need to verify your account by entering the OTP that you will receive on your registered mobile number with Absher. If you have not received the confirmation code then tap or click on ‘Resend SMS Code’. Enter the code and click on next.

qiwa app verify

5. Enter Email and Password

Now, U have need to setup your email and password. Enter your personal email address and on below boxes enter the password minimum 10 characters and click on next button.

qiwa step 3 email setup

Keep remember you email and password because now when you will need to login your account you will need to provide same email and password next time.

6. Enter Mobile number and Verify

In this step you have need to provide you valid mobile phone number and verify it by entering the received code at your provided number. After entering the received code in confirmation code box agree with Terms & Conditions and click on Create account button. Your account will be registered successfully in few seconds. Now you can manage your jobs and your account easily from this app. You can also check your employment record here easily.

Qiwi signup number verify

After creating the account you can setup your account by clicking on individual account if your want to setup your personal account. If you are a company and want to setup your company profile and details then Qiwi will launch this feature very soon.

qiwi individual account or company file service

Now, you can use all services on this app and can get benefit from it. It is very easy to use the app and low educated persons also can use this app easily. You can read latest updated labor policy. You can check the Saudization certificate of any kafeel that is he good or not for the work.

The main advantage of this service is that people who come to work from any country can easily check their sponsor’s record whether it is red list or green list. If the sponsor is on the green list, it means that the sponsor is OK and you can work with him. There are many more benefits to this app such as you can get visa information, find a job for yourself. Just install this app once and get thousands of benefits.

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