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Best Dubai SIM Card for Tourists (2023) – Plans and Offers

Are you travelling to UAE? if yes then this blog post can help you to get a free tourist SIM card in Dubai. There are currently two largest telecom networks in UAE of which one is Etisalat second is DU third is Virgin which is a virtual network. Both networks have budget-friendly plans for visitors and residents. If you are going to UAE for 30 days, 15 days or any other, you have to compare SIM card prices and plans.

Both companies are providing free SIM cards at the airport of UAE Dubai. There are some limitations of free SIM cards that you should know. If your flight arrives at any other airport like Sharjah excluding Dubai then you will lose the free SIM card offer.

How to Get a FREE SIM card in UAE Dubai of Etisalat or DU

People travelling to the UAE find it difficult to decide which SIM card is best for them. Because they have to call at the airport and inquire about the well-being of their family, they need a SIM with a limit on calls. Etisalat Unlimited international calling plans can help you to connect with your friends and family at a low cost.


DU FREE SIM Card Offer UAE - Tourist Plans and Offers

DU is offering Free SIM cards at the Dubai Airport and on their official website. Travellers can book online DU SIM cards easily online by visiting the DU tourist page. With Free DU Tourist SIM, users will get 1 GB of Free internet data that can be used for 28 days.


With Du tourist SIM, customers will get 2GB of data and 30 Flexi minutes. Customers have to pay 49 AED for this plan because the SIM card is FREE.

DU Tourist SIM 6GB Data Offer

If customers want to get more internet, then they have to need to choose the other plans. In the second plan, Users will get 6GB of data, 30 free Flexi minutes and free internet calling at 99 AED including 5% VAT for 28 days.

Because Facebook and Whatsapp are banned in UAE so, you cannot use them. In UAE, Botim and C’me apps are mostly used. DU is offering free unlimited voice and video calls on Botim and C’me.

DU Tourist SIM 10GB Data Offer

For more data, customers can get the 10GB data to offer on a DU tourist SIM card. Because SIM cards are free so you have to pay only plan charges. With the DU 10GB data offer, travellers will get 10GB data, 30 Flexi Minutes and unlimited free internet calling. The cost of the 10GB plan is AED 139.

20GB Data Offer

DU tourist SIM 20GB data plan price is AED 189 incl. VAT. With this plan, users will receive 20GB of data, 30 Flexi minutes for voice calling and free unlimited internet calling on Botim and the C’me app. This plan is valid for 28 days and users can reactivate the same plan after recharging AED 189.

DU Unlimited Internet Plan on Tourist SIM

People who download a lot need an unlimited internet plan. The unlimited data plan on DU SIM is priced at 299 AED. The validity of this plan is only 10 days after which users will have to reactivate a plan to run the internet. There are not any Flexi minutes for calling but you will get unlimited free internet calling for 10 days. Customers have not to need to activate the Du social package for calling.

If you have come to stay in Dubai for a few days then you should choose a 6 GB data plan. Because there are no free calls in the tour plan for calling abroad but there are definitely free calling plans. It allows you to stay in touch with your loved ones all the time through the Botim app or C’me app.

Etisalat UAE Tourist SIM Card Plans and Prices

Etisalat tourist SIM card details price and compare

Etisalat is used in many countries around the world. This network is widely used in Dubai. People from abroad prefer Etisalat Dubai UAE as it offers all kinds of packages.

Etisalat Tourist Plan offers free calls, messages and Dubai Wi-Fi. When customers buy a new Etisalat SIM, they get free internet calling which allows them to stay in touch with their loved ones through Botim and other supported apps. Etisalat UAE internet packages are available at all prices. The user can create and activate packages on 1 day, 5 days, 7 days, months and all kinds of duration. The Visitor Line has plans ranging from 60 AED to 400 AED.

The cheapest prepaid tourist visitor line price is 49 AED for which users will get 2GB local data, 30 Flexi minutes, Smiles buy 1 and get 1 free, and 100 AED free Careem credits for 28 days. Other offers provide 4GB of data and 30 Flexi minutes for 79 AED.

If you want to get more data then Etisalat UAE is offering a Visitor line premium + offer. This offer provides 22.5 GB data, 525 Flexi minutes, 30 hours of Free WIFI and unlimited free go chat data for 200 AED incl. VAT 5%. This plan is valid for 28 days.

Customers can manage their account plans and recharge by dialling *121#. Etisalat UAE prepaid users can make calls in 179 countries at AED 2.52/minute and can send messages at AED 0.63/SMS whose local message rate is AED 0.19/SMS.

Virgin Tourist SIM UAE

virgin uae tourist sim card plans

Virgin is a virtual mobile phone network in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Virgin is offering a tourist plan for 7 days, 10 days and 15 days. 7 Days virgin UAE plan price is AED 150, 10 Days plan price is AED 200 and 15 days virgin plan is 300 AED.

Call MinutesInternet VolumeValidityPrice
30 Local Minutes & 20 International Minutes21 GB (3GB/Day)7 DaysAED 150
30 Local Minutes & 20 International Minutes40 GB (4GB/Day) 10 DaysAED 200
30 Local Minutes & 20 International Minutes75 GB (5GB/Day) 15 DaysAED 300

With 7 days Virgin plan tourist SIM, users will get 30 local call minutes and 20 international minutes. Exclude these, customers will get 21 GB of data.

Virgin Mobile UAE tourist SIM 10 days plan offers 40GB data (4GB/day), 30 local minutes, and 20 international minutes. The price of this plan is AED 200 inc. SIM card.

15 Days Virgin UAE tourist plan is offering 75 GB of data, 30 local minutes, 20 free international minutes, and a free botim app for just 300 AED.

Which is the best UAE Tourist SIM Card Compare Table

Here we have compared Etisalat UAE and DU UAE tourist plans so that users can understand and can choose the best network.

Etisalat UAEDU UAE
2GB+30 Flexi Mins AED 49/mon2GB+30 Flexi Mints AED 49/mon
4GB+30 Flexi Mints AED 79/mon6GB+30 Flexi Mints+Internet Calling AED 99/mon
8GB+120 Flexi Mints+5 Hours WI-FI AED 125/mon10GB+30 Flexi Mints+Internet Calling AED 139/mon
22.5GB+525 Flexi Mints+30 Hours WI-FI AED 200/mon20GB+30 Flexi Mints+Internet Calling AED 199/mon
Unlimited Internet+100 Flexi Mints AED 319/10 DaysUnlimited Internet+Internet Calling AED 299/10 Days

Whenever you go to Dubai, you will see a lot of Wi-Fi instead of mobile phone towers. If you are in a place where Wi-Fi signals are coming then you will definitely get it at a very low rate. SIMs can only be used where Wi-Fi is not available.

Final Words About UAE Best SIM cards:

You have to decide which SIM card is the best for you. If you want to buy any of the SIM cards then all companies have introduced an online booking system. Free SIM users who want to buy a Free SIM card can buy a DU SIM card which is free but they have to pay a plan fee of 49 AED. If you come to UAE for a maximum of 15 days then you can choose the Virgin network. The table of comparisons is given above and you can choose the best network for you.

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