Etisalat UAE Internet Packages for Postpaid, Prepaid & WIFI

Etisalat is a UAE telecom network and this network is providing the best Etisalat internet packages for prepaid, postpaid, Wasel, and WIFI users. All the customers have options to choose the package by time period as they want. If Etisalat users want to get daily, weekly, and monthly internet package then they can get them by dialing *101#. The company is most popular in the world because Etisalat is offering the best data packages in all United Arab Emirates and Dubai.

The company has introduced so many packages that consumers find it difficult to select a good package. In this case, users find a good place for themselves on the Internet where they are provided with a list of the best Internet packages. So that they can easily select the packages for themselves from the internet offers list. We are listing here all Etisalat internet and data offers, including all social packages and internet calling offers.

Etisalat Internet Packages

Here are hundreds of the Etisalat plans for all prepaid, postpaid, Wasel, and elife WIFI users. [expander_maker id=”2″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”] All the packages and their prices are different than each other. You can select your tariff or plan type and then check the latest packages details with subscription method and status inquiry.

The company has provided daily, weekly, 15 days, 3 days, and 28 days plans and offers for its customers. You can choose the cheapest and long-lasting internet offer according to your internet usage and other requirements. Etisalat offers free SIM cards to new customers in the condition of if they buy online SIM cards and pay fees also online. By ordering a new SIM card customers can also get 1 month of free local calls and free internet.

In One Day internet packages, Etisalat is offering 2 AED to 10 AED plans to all prepaid users. Dial *170# to activate the daily internet packages. Some users who are new always forget to check the remaining internet volume check. Send “Data” to 1010 to check the daily internet package on Etisalat UAE. All prepaid and postpaid users dial *101# to activate social packages or internet offers. [/expander_maker]

Hourly Data Packages

Enjoy unlimited internet on Etisalat Wasel and prepaid SIM card. Dial *800*5# to activate the unlimited hourly internet package at 3 AED. Users can enjoy unlimited downloading, browsing, and streaming after activating this package. WIth Etisalat 3 hours unlimited internet data package customers can enjoy unlimited data for 3 hours at 6 AED. Enjoy up to 3Mbps speed for downloading and streaming the internet. This offer is working on Wasel prepaid SIM cards.

Package NamePriceTypeInternetValiditySubscribe
Etisalat 1 Hour Unlimited Internet Package3 AEDWasel prepaidUnlimited1 HourDial *800*5#
Etisalat 3 Hour Unlimited Internet Package 6 AEDWasel PrepaidUnlimited3 HoursDial *800*5#
Etisalat FREE 1 GBFREEWasel Prepaid1 GB12 MonthsDial *101*30*1#

Etisalat Daily Data Package

Etisalat daily data package 2 AED subscribe and get 75MB to 1GB internet for 1 day. Users have availability to get local data packages at a price of 2 AED to 30 AED per day. The prices of these packages depend on the internet volume but customers are freedom to choose packages at their requirements. Here is the complete list of Etisalat’s daily data packages. To subscribe to the Etisalat daily data package 2 AED simply dial *101#. All prepaid users can install and use the Etisalat app to subscribe to any daily internet offer.

PackageTypeTotal DataDaily dataPrice
Etisalat Daily 75MB Package Prepaid75 MB75MB2.5 AED
Etisalat 100MB Daily Pack Prepaid100MB100MB5 AED
Etisalat Daily 150MB Package Prepaid 150 MB150MB4.2 AED
Etisalat Daily 250MB Package Prepaid 250 MB250MB10 AED
Etisalat Daily 500MB Package Prepaid 500 MB500MB15 AED
Etisalat Daily 1000MB Package Prepaid 1000 MB1000MB30 AED
Etisalat Daily Social Package 2 AED Prepaid 150MB150MB2.5 AED
Etisalat Daily Social Package 4 AED Prepaid 250MB250MB4 AED

To exclude these packages, Etisalat is offering daily social data packages which are providing daily 150MB for 1 day at the lowest price at 2.4 AED. customers can use Instagram, Whatsapp, IMO, Linkedin, Snapchat, WeChat, and other internet calling supported apps. Daily data package usage and balance check method are easy. Dial *101# or send “DATA” to 1010 to check the remaining internet balance on Etisalat.

To activate Etisalat prepaid daily 100MB internet package simply go to the messages and write ‘SD’ and send it to 1010. Customers will get this package at 5 AED recharge. Here are many addons for Etisalat prepaid and postpaid customers. While having any internet, calling, and Text message offer customers can activate add one on their SIM cards at a discount price.

Etisalat Weekly Data Packages

Users can get weekly data packages from 15 AED to 100 AED per 7 days. From these data packages, customers can get 525MB to 7GB per week. After activating these packages, customers will be provided with limited data on a daily basis which they can use for one day. Users who want to get social packages for the week can activate these packages and use Etisalat’s supported apps and other social apps for one week. With weekly social packages of the week, users get 1.05GB to 1.75GB internet data at weekly 15 AED to 25 AED.

PackageTypeTotal DataPer Day DataPrice in AED
Etisalat Weekly Package 100 AED Prepaid 7GB1000MB100 AED
Etisalat Weekly Data Package 60 AED Prepaid 3.5GB500MB60 AED
Etisalat Weekly 1.75GB Package 40 AED Prepaid 1.75GB250MB40 AED
Etisalat Prepaid Weekly 1GB Package 25 AED Prepaid 1.05GB150MB25 AED
Etisalat Weekly Data Package 15 AED Prepaid 525MB75MB15 AED
Etisalat Weekly Social Package 15 AED Prepaid 1.05GB Social150MB15 AED
Etisalat Weekly Social Package 25 AED Prepaid 1.75GB Social250MB25 AED
Etisalat Pinoy Pack Prepaid500MB500MB20 AED

Dail *101# or use the Etisalat app to activate any of the weekly Etisalat internet data packages. Customers will receive daily basic internet volume and at midnight the received internet MBs will expire. You cannot use total data in one day because the company is providing these resources on a daily basis. If you will never use the internet for 1 day you will lose that day’s internet MBs.

To activate Etisalat UAE weekly 300MB internet package send ‘W300M’ to 1010. The package subscription charges are 20 AED excluding tax. After activating the offer customers can use 300MB internet for 7 days. This package is valid only for prepaid customers. To subscribe the weekly 1GB internet package send “W1G” from your Etisalat registered mobile number.

Pinoy Etisalat Pack is offering 500MB internet, 250 Free Text Messages (SMS), 20 international Minutes for the Philippines, 210 Barkada* minutes, and 20 On-Net Minutes. The Pinoy weekly pack price is 20 AED excluding Tax. To subscribe the Pinoy Etisalat plan send “pinoy” to 1010. Pinoy plan users cannot use the roaming service so, if you want to activate the roaming service then you will need to change the plan.

Etisalat Monthly Data Packages

In monthly data plans, customers are able to get any internet data package at 42 AED to 200 AED per 28 days. Etisalat is offering monthly data packages from 2GB to 30 GB at different prices. Customers can get 4GB to 7GB of data for social networks in which all prepaid customers use Instagram, Facebook messenger, Twitter, Linkedin, and other supported apps. Postpaid customers can add addons at the lowest prices and can use the internet all over the month. There are different types of packages that customers can activate by using the Etisalat app or creating an online account on the Etisalat app.

In the monthly prepaid data package, customers have availed of 2.1GB of data for 28 days. This package price is 42 AED and customers can activate the package by dialing *101#. Postpaid customers can get 3GB for 28 days at the price of 100 AED ass addon. To activate the 3GB package on postpaid dial *140# or dial *101# then follow the instructions. You can check the more internet data monthly packages below.

PackageTypeTotal DataDaily DataPrice in AED
Etisalat Monthly 2GB PackagePrepaid2.1GB75MB42 AED
Monthly 7GB prepaid data packagePrepaid7GB250MB90 AED
4GB data OfferPrepaid4.2GB150MB63 AED
14GB monthly Data OfferPrepaid14GB500MB130 AED
Etisalat 28GB monthly prepaid PackagePrepaid28GB1000MB200 AED
Etisalat Monthly 4G Social packagePrepaid4.2GB150MB42 AED
Etisalat Monthly 7GB social PackagePrepaid7GB250MB63 AED

When the customers will subscribe to a monthly 7GB internet package then they will be able to use the internet daily 250MB. To subscribe to the Etisalat 7GB monthly internet package dial *101#. With the Etisalat monthly 20GB data package customers can get 30GB data for 28 days at 450 AED. 20GB can be used all over the internet and 10GB is valid for social networks. After ending the package all prepaid customers can activate this package again before 1 month. To check the remaining package details customers can send “Data” to 1010 and can get details of their remaining package details.

Etisalat Wasel Flexi Packages (Promo)

Those customers who have Wasel Flexi SIM can use these packages. The management and subscription are very simple. Dial *101*50# to activate and manage the Wasel Flexi package.

InternetInternet PromoFlexi MinutesPrice
1GB1GB promo 30 minutes50 AED
1GB1GB promo60 minutes60 AED
1GB1GB promo90 minutes70 AED
1GB1GB promo120 minutes80 AED
2GB2GB promo30 minutes80 AED
2GB2GB promo60 minutes90 AED
2GB2GB promo + FREE Internet Calling90 minutes100 AED
2GB2GB promo + FREE Internet Calling120 minutes110 AED
3GB3GB promo + FREE Internet Calling 30 minutes100 AED
3GB3GB promo + FREE Internet Calling 60 minutes110 AED
3GB3GB promo + FREE Internet Calling 90 minutes120 AED
3GB3GB promo + FREE Internet Calling 120 minutes130 AED
5GB5GB promo + FREE Internet Calling 30 minutes140 AED
5GB5GB promo + FREE Internet Calling 60 minutes150 AED
5GB5GB promo + FREE Internet Calling 90 minutes160 AED
5GB5GB promo + FREE Internet Calling 120 minutes170 AED

How to Subscribe to Etisalat UAE internet data package?

To subscribe to the Etisalat data package on any SIM dial *101# or use the Etisalat UAE app. After registration on the app customers can easily manage their internet packages, massage packages, and postpaid packages.

How to Check Package Usage?

To check the package usage simply send “data” to 1010. Customers will receive an SMS with the remaining package details in a while. All prepaid and postpaid customers dial *101# to check, manage and subscribe to the packages and offers.