Jazz Prepaid Internet Packages 2023 – Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Check the new Jazz prepaid internet packages 2023 for the daily, weekly, 3 days, 15 days, 45 days, and monthly. Jazz weekly premium offer provides 3000MB mobile internet for 7 days in Rs.147 recharge. Here is another weekly internet package that provides 7GB of data to use all over the internet. Jazz weekly mega offer price is Rs.210 and it is available on the JazzWorld app. Pakistani mobile networks Jazz and Warid are the same companies because Mobilink was merged with Warid and it git the 4G LTE service for its customers.

The jazz Monthly Extreme package is providing 5000 MB mobile 4G internet. This package price is Rs.150 and to have availed of this package you need a prepaid subscriber. After activating this package customers can enjoy monthly 5000MB internet to watch videos, Streaming, socialise, and any webpage can access. The monthly extreme package is valid for 30 days and usable from 2 AM to 2 PM.

Jazz Prepaid Daily Internet Package

There are more than 5 internet packages which are valid for 1 day. These packages are for limited use only and cannot subscribe again in one day multiple times. Looking for Jazz daily internet packages? Let’s check the latest prices and resources for Jazz. These packages’ prices are including taxes. Keep the required balance in your SIM to activate the package.

Jazz Daily Extreme:

First of all, we provide here daily extreme package details which are valid for 1 day. This package is providing 2GB of internet for 1 day. The package price is Rs.15 and the recharge needs Rs.18 to subscribe to this package. Daily extreme package usable time is from 12 AM to 12 PM daily. To subscribe to this package dial *757# before 12 PM.

Daily Mega Offer:

Jazz Daily mega offer is providing the 1000MB for 1 day in Rs.28 recharge. To subscribe to this package dial *117*4# and activate this bundle. This offer is valid for all prepaid customers on every package. To check the remaining package details dial short code *117*4*2#.

Daily YouTube & Social Package:

This package is providing 1GB of data for YouTube and Facebook for 1 day. Dial *968# for a daily youtube package subscription. The package price is Rs.15 rupees.

Weekly Internet Package

Hundreds of weekly internet packages are designed for Jazz users. They can choose the best package that meets their requirements. Jazz has many internets and one package such as Jazz Weekly Premium package, Youtube package, Mega Plus, and Mega Data package.

Jazz Weekly plus offer is providing 12GB internet data for 7 days for Rs. 210 rupees. Subscribe to the weekly plus package by dialling *157#. Once the package is activated the customers can enjoy YouTube, Whatsapp, Twitter, IMO, Snackvideo, Tiktok app, and all over the internet.

Activate the mega weekly plus package to get 25GB of internet on Jazz. To subscribe to the offer dial *453#. This offer price is Rs. 275 rupees per week. There are no restrictions on the use of this package.

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

Are you looking for a 30 days internet package? Activate the Jazz Supreme package to get 25GB of internet for 1 month. This offer price is 499 and you have to need to dial *117*32# to activate this package. The monthly social package is providing 5GB for Whatsapp, Facebook, IMO, and Twitter. You will also get 12000 SMS with this package.

Here is another cheapest internet package that is providing 12GB of internet for 30 days for Rs. 349 rupees. You can get 12GB of the internet with the Jazz Mega Plus package. Subscribe to this package by dialling *117*30#.