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Bmobile Bhutan

Bmobile is a telecom network in Bhutan which is providing prepaid and postpaid call, SMS and internet services. You can activate Bmobile data plans in Bhutan and can save extra fees by using the internet on your SIM.

Here are all types of data plans available for prepaid, postpaid and data SIM users with complete subscription codes. This network is available in Bhutan and Trinidad and Tobago but we will discuss the Bhutan Bmobile internet plan only.

Bmobile unlimited internet data plans are available for those users who want to stream live videos and games and want to download complete content from the internet. This is the mainly used network in Bhutan because of its cheapest internet packages and plans.

Bmobile Data Plans Bhutan – Daily, Weekly and Monthly

Bmobile Butan daily, weekly and monthly unlimited internet are available for all prepaid customers. The daily internet plan can be subscribed to at Nu.19 which will provide 260MB of the internet to prepaid users. Weekly internet plans are starting from Nu.39 to Nu.49 but these connections are limited. We will also provide and discuss Bmobile Bhutan’s unlimited internet plans.

Daily Internet Plans:

Daily 19260MBNu.19
Daily 29410MBNu.19
Unlimited 55UnlimitedNu.55

Customers who want to get a daily unlimited internet plan can subscribe unlimited 55 plan for only Nu.55 only per day. This plan is unlimited but you can use the internet from 1:00 AM – 7:00 AM daily without any hassle.

Weekly Internet Plans:

Weekly39520 MBNu.39
Weekly49660 MBNu.49

Monthly Internet Plans:

Monthly internet plans are starting from Nu.99 to Nu.3,999 and customers are able to get from 1,330MB to 225,280MB. Customers have to need to recharge the required balance to activate the services which can be bought from e-Load, B-Wallet, Chharo, B-Ngul, E-Load, MBoB, mPAY and TPAY.

To check any package details on Bmobile simply dial *170#. The customer will get all remaining resources on the mobile screen after dialling this code. For package or plan activation call at 1600 from your Bmobile prepaid and postpaid number.

Monthly Lite 991,330 MBNu.99
Monthly Lite 1992,764.8 MBNu.199
Monthly Lite 2994,608 MBNu.299
Monthly Lite 4998,499.2 MBNu.499
Monthly Max 69922,937.6 MBNu.699
Monthly Max 79927,033.6 MBNu.799
Monthly Max 99937,570 MBNu.999
Monthly Max 1,19948,730 MBNu.1,199
Monthly Max 1,09942,362.9 MBNu.1,099
Monthly Max 1,59966,560 MBNu.1,599
Monthly Max 2,499128,000 MBNu.2,499
Monthly Max 2,999163,840 MBNu.2,999
Monthly Max 3,999225,280 MBNu.3,999

Individuals who use the internet only when needed can activate the company’s Max 699 offer. In this offer, customers get 22,937.6 MB which is usable for an entire month. With this offer, you can run any social app like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc.

Also, if you use banking apps, you will need the internet all the time. With this plan, you can fulfil all your needs. Apart from downloading, if you use the internet for browsing, then you will not get a good and cheap plan.

Which is the Best Internet Plan for Downloading and Watching Videos in Bmobile Data Plans Bhutan

Downloading content from the internet requires more internet which is very expensive. Watching videos and movies requires a lot of bandwidth, which companies provide very little. BMobile provides its customers with a 225GB data plan for one month at the price of Nu.3,999.

Monthly Max 1,09942,362.9 MBNu.1,099
Monthly Max 1,59966,560 MBNu.1,599
Monthly Max 2,499128,000 MBNu.2,499
Monthly Max 2,999163,840 MBNu.2,999
Monthly Max 3,999225,280 MBNu.3,999

At most 150 GB of data can be used if 225 GB of the internet is run on a single device. Because people watch videos and movies online, if they watch videos even for a whole month, then most of one users can use 150 GB.

You can use this plan on 2 devices as well. In such a case, the cost of the plan will also be divided into two parts and the bandwidth can also be divided into two parts. Apart from this plan, Bmobile is also providing a 163 GB plan to its customers which can be availed at Nu.2,999 per month. 128 GB internet is available at Nu.2,499 while a 66 GB monthly plan is available at Nu.1,599. Customer can check their internet usage and choose the best plan among them.

Bmobile Students’ internet plans

Students also have to use the internet a lot but they are mostly unable to meet the expenses due to lack of work or business. BMobile is providing student plans to its customers which provide more internet at a very cheap price. Here are some Student internet plans which are available only to student tariff users. You can check whether your number is registered or not on the Students plan by sending your number to 3333.

Student Pack 451,050 MBNu.457 Days
Student Pack 952,400 MBNu.9530 Days
Student Pack 1955,250 MBNu.19530 Days
Student Pack 69540,500 MBNu.69530 Days
Student Pack 49514,850 MBNu.49530 Days

If you are eligible for these plans then you can easily activate these packages on your SIM. These packages are accessible from 7 AM to 6 PM and only Youtube, G-Suite, Moodle, e-Library, B-Trowa, Zoom, and Google Classroom will be usable on students’ plans. For more packages and details you can visit Bmobile Bhutan’s official website or call at mobile helpline number 1600.

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