Digicel Samoa Data Plans – Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Digicel Samoa is international mobile phone services and home entertainment service provider in the World. This network is also used in American Samoa and is offering prepaid and internet services in all areas. You can check the latest Digicel pacific internet data plans for daily, weekly and monthly here.

If you are visiting Samoa and looking for the best and cheapest data plans, check and compare the latest internet deals here. This page can help you to compare the internet service providers in Samoa and find the best provider. We will talk about the latest internet plans here which are given below.

Digicel Samoa Data plans

Customers can activate any data package by using the Digicel app. Digicel big data plans are providing internet for 1 day, 3 days, 7 days and 15 days and many other validates. You can check them out here.

5GBWST $51 Day
10GBWST $103 Days
15GBWST $155 Days
20GBWST $207 Days
50GBWST $5014 Days

Customers can buy any prepaid data plan on Digicel Samoa by dialling *123# and then can select any given data plan. These plans are also available on the Digicel app. Prepaid customers only can subscribe to these offers and visitor SIM and roaming customers cannot use them.

Supa Seki plans

Digicel has introduced Supa Seki plans for its customer. All prepaid customers can activate these plans by dialling *123# and the reply with 2.

1GBWST $31 Day
2GBWST $52 Days
3GBWST $73 Days
5GBWST $115 Days
15GBWST $217 Days
60GBWST $6028 Days

Unlimited Data Plans

There are only a few unlimited data offers for Digicel customers in American Samoa. Those customers who want to stream and download content from the internet can activate any of the given unlimited plans.

UnlimitedWST $11 Day
UnlimitedWST $22 Days
UnlimitedWST $33 Days
UnlimitedWST $512 AM – 6 AM

Premium DigicelTV Plans

Customers can get 1GB of data to use the DigicelTV for 1 day with a premium DTV plan. 30 days plan price is WST$30 which will provide you with 15 GB of data.

1GBWST $21 Day
2GBWST $53 Days
5GBWST $107 Days
15GBWST $3030 Days

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