Flow Anguilla Postpaid Plans – Packages and Cost

While visiting and living in Anguilla, you may need a telecom network in this country to connect with your friend and family. Flow is the best network in Anguilla which is providing prepaid and postpaid services. Flow Anguilla postpaid plans are the best for residents, businesses and households. You can buy any postpaid SIM card with the plan after comparing and checking its requirements, prices and data volume.

Flow Anguilla Postpaid Plans

When you buy a postpaid SIM card including a plan, the company give you free unlimited SMS to all networks (Not for International). Excluded from the first plan in the table, you can get unlimited local calling minutes, unlimited SMS and unlimited WhatsApp and YouTube.

DataMin + SMSWhatsapp + YoutubePrice
12 GB2000 Local Min + No International Minutes + Unlimited SMSUnlimited$139.00/month + 13% GST
15 GBUnlimited + 150 International Minutes + Unlimited SMSUnlimited$169.00/month + 13% GST
20 GBUnlimited + 300 International Minutes + Unlimited SMSUnlimited$240.00/month + 13% GST
30 GBUnlimited + 500 International Minutes + Unlimited SMSUnlimited$315.00/month + 13% GST
40 GBUnlimited + 1000 International Minutes + Unlimited SMSUnlimited$360.00/month + 13% GST

Its prices are starting from $139 including 13% GST and end at $360 per month. Each package has different resources and minute quantities. Customers will also get unlimited YouTube and unlimited Whatsapp when they subscribe to any given plan. The prices of each plan can be changed in future and you can get its latest prices by visiting the Flow centre and calling the helpline.

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