Friendi KSA Internet Packages – Daily, Weekly, Monthly

You can check the latest internet packages of the Friendi KSA network daily, weekly and monthly. It is the best prepaid and postpaid services provider in Saudi Arabia. You can compare the Friendi KSA Internet Packages and buy the best and cheapest plan by your requirement.

This company is providing daily internet packages, weekly internet packages, and monthly, 15 days and 45 days internet packages. You can choose your time and budget and can select any of the best packages from here.

Friendi Daily and 3 Days Internet Packages

30MBSAR 1.991 Day
100MBSAR 4.993 Days

Friendi Weekly Internet Packages

2GB + 1GB BonusSAR 257 Days100 Local Minutes
3.5GB (512 MB Daily)SAR 34.57 Days
300 MBSAR 8.997 Days
5GB Day + 15GB NightSAR 39.997 DaysDial *112#

Friendi Monthly Internet Packages

3GBSAR 4330 Days250 Local Minutes
10GB + 10GB BonusSAR 7030 Days500 Local Minutes
25GB + 15GB BonusSAR 11030 Days1000 Local Minutes
20GBSAR 9030 Days100 Int+100 Local Minutes
(To activate dial *119#)
30GBSAR 86.2530 Days300 Local Minutes
(To activate dial *118#)
2.5GB + 1GBSAR 39.9930 Days
1.5GB + 0.4GBSAR 25.9930 Days
8GBSAR 6030 Days
20GB + 40GBSAR 9930 Days
SAR 325Unlimited Data30 Days

90 Days Internet Packages

100GB + 100GBSAR 33090 Days
300GBSAR 45090 Days
50GB + 25GBSAR 26090 Days
30GB + 20GBSAR 17590 Days
10GBSAR 11090 Days
100GBSAR 31990 Days


500MBSAR 12.9910 Days
3GB + 2GBSAR 43.4821 Days
1GBSAR 1721 Days
750 MBSAR 14.9914 Days
1GBSAR 1714 Days
7GB (512MB DAILY)SAR 4614 Days
  • To activate the Day and Night internet package dial *112#
  • Day internet package is usable from 6 am to 12 am
  • Night Package is usable from 12 am to 6 am
  • To activate the night internet package dial *118#

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