Hala Ooredoo Qatar Free Internet Data Plans and Offers

Hala Ooredoo Qatar is widely used in Qatar, and it has more than 121.1 million customers that are using its internet and calling services. Hala Ooredoo Qatar was founded in 2006 and started providing calling services, and internet services.

We are going to share with you Hala Ooredoo Qatar free internet and free data plans. The company is offering free daily internet data plans in which users can use unlimited internet for 1 day. Here are many other ways that can be used to get free and unlimited internet in Qatar.

Hala Ooredoo Qatar Free Internet Data in Qatar for All Customers

Founded in 2006, Hala Ooredoo Qatar’s network has grown to over 121.1 million users in 2023, after much hard work. All prepaid and postpaid customers can get new internet packages by dialling the *100#. A list of all Hala Ooredoo Qatar internet packages will appear on the screen and customers can activate them by recharging the required amount.

Hala Ooredoo Qatar is offering free Facebook, Instagram and other social packages that are valid for 30 days. Customers can use unlimited Facebook using a Free data plan using its own social app. In the social apps that are allowed by Hala Ooredoo Qatar, customers can send and receive pictures, and videos and also can send documents for free.

Sometimes, the company offers free and unlimited data and free calls in all of Qatar. The prices of social and internet packages start from $1 to $900. If you have bought a new SIM card prepaid and postpaid, then you can get data and calls on all networks in Qatar.

Hala Ooredoo Qatar free internet code list

You can dial these codes without any balance to get unlimited free internet. These plans are free, and you can use them for 1 day, 7 days and 30 days. Some packages, offers and plans are providing 3 months and 2 months of free data.

FREE Hala Ooredoo Qatar 50 GB InternetDial *121#
FREE Unlimited 4414 GB InternetDial *100#
Hala Ooredoo Qatar FREE Prepaid Internet 10 GBDial *121#
Unlimited Internet on Hotspot*Buy a new 4G broadband device

An easy method to get Prepaid Free Data MBs without recharge

Many networks offer their customers great connections and services. Similarly, Hala Ooredoo Qatar has provided absolutely free internet, calls and international calls to its new customers who purchase a new prepaid connection.

Whenever you buy a new number or SIM, the company will provide you with free internet for one month which can be used for free internet, Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks. In addition, you get a 50% discount, which all new customers can use for 3 months. By dialling the *121# customers can check the remaining prepaid data and voice calls.

Offer TypeNew Prepaid Connection
Internet10 GB+
Validity30 Days
How to GetDial *121# or call at 4414

How to get Hala Ooredoo Qatar Postpaid Free Internet?

Individuals with postpaid connections can get up to 50% more discount through Advanced Services. New subscribers can get free calls and internet for one month by shifting from their existing prepaid to postpaid. For more information, users can install the Hala Ooredoo Qatar app on their mobile phones and activate packages and offers.

Methods to Get Free DATA for All Connections

Here are some ways you can use the Internet for free on your mobile phone. This method can be used on all networks in Qatar. All networks want to increase the number of their customers, so they offer plans at a lower cost than each other. Internet packages can be subscribed from $1 to $900 in Qatar. The company offers discounts whenever customers buy a new connection for their home or office.

To get free internet without an internet package, users have to save the free internet settings of this network on their mobile phones. You can see all these settings in the column below. These are non-standard settings and their use can reduce the mobile recharge of the users. So be sure to check the balance in your SIM before using these settings.

  • Go to the Mobile phone settings
  • Open the Networks settings and select Hala Ooredoo Qatar
  • Click on the Access Point Settings
  • Create a New Access point Settings with the name ‘Planspapa FREE’
  • Enter the APN settings ‘web’ or ‘internet’
  • Save the settings and open the Hala Ooredoo Qatar app
  • Create a new account, and you will get 10 GB of free internet

If you have an old ‘Hala Ooredoo Qatar’ SIM that is not in your use, you can get free internet and calls on this SIM. Turn on your old SIM now and get free unlimited calls, messages and internet data for all Qatar networks free. You can buy a 3G, 4G or 5G Wingle to use the internet on all mobile phones through Wi-Fi signals. This internet can be used on users’ computers, mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

Hala Ooredoo Qatar FREE TV Channels Through the app

You can get a free Gift offer that provides free data and callings. Dial *121# or call 4414 to get a Hala Ooredoo Qatar gift plan on all prepaid and postpaid SIMs, including hotspots and Wi-Fi devices. Customers can also watch the free TV channels on their network SIM. To get Hala Ooredoo Qatar Free TV channels, just dial *121# or choose the free promos. After this, you can select the free TV offer that cost is zero. Download and install the official app to watch free TV channels.

How to subscribe to the internet package on Hala Ooredoo Qatar?

Dial *121# or call 4414 to get the latest package details.

Can we use free TV apps using this free internet method?

Yes. Customers can use free TV apps on the Hala Ooredoo Qatar network.

What is the Hala Ooredoo Qatar helpline number?

All Hala Ooredoo Qatar users can call at 4414 from their mobile phones.

After changing the APN settings, can we use free data or social apps on prepaid and postpaid SIMs?

Yes, Some networks like Hala Ooredoo Qatar are supported free internet by changing the APN settings. We don’t guarantee that these settings will work.

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