How to Get Unlimited Data on Tracfone (FREE 1GB)

Tracfone is an American prepaid and no-contract mobile phone provider and this is offering unlimited internet data to its customers. Tracfone’s new customer’s unlimited internet offer is providing unlimited data to prepaid customers. Some customers do not know how to get unlimited data on Tracfone and they always do a hard search. Here are some internet data plans and offers from Tracfone. Tracfone’s unlimited Free data offer for new customers can help you if you are a new user.

How to Get Unlimited Data on Tracfone

Tracfone is providing unlimited plans on no-contract mobile phones. All customers who are using no-contract mobile phones can get unlimited talk and text for the whole month. Unlimited internet can be got if customers activate a 5GB, 12GB internet plan multiple times in a month. Tracfone is not offering unlimited data plans yet. It is possible that this fastest and 5G network will provide unlimited internet data plans in future.

Unlimited Talk and Text Plans

Tracfone unlimited plan

Tracfone is providing its customers with various plans for the fastest internet and calls. Internet speed depends on your area, device and signals. Here are some plans that provide unlimited calls, messages, and limited internet to users. Tracfone customers can get more data by using Airtime cards. With this, they can get unlimited internet for 30 days to 1 year.

12 GB, Unlimited Talk and text$199365 Days
8 GB, Unlimited Talk and text$4030 Days
3 GB, Unlimited Talk and text$3030 Days
2 GB, Unlimited Talk and text$2530 Days
2 GB, 750 Talk, 1500 Text$5090 Days
1.5 GB, 750 Talk, 1000 Text$4590 Days
1 GB, Unlimited Talk and text$2030 Days

Tracfone Airtime Data Plans

Here are some Tracfone data plans that you can activate with no contract. To activate these plans on no-contract mobile phones you need to get the required airtime. Tracfone airtime is available on Tracfone’s official website.

1 GB$2030 Days
2 GB$2530 Days
3 GB$3030 Days
1 GB$3560 Days
8 GB$4030 Days
1.5 GB$4560 Days
2 GB$5060 Days
1.5 GB$125365 Days

You can buy this online by going into your account. You have chosen the plan in your account and bought it online. Instead of this online option, you can go to any Tracfone office or store. Tracfone is also providing 1GB of FREE data to its customers. While activating any data plan on your phone, you can also request them to activate the FREE 1GB data plan.

Longtime internet users can activate a 365 days plan on their Tracfone network. This is available at a $125 price which will give 1.5GB of data. Yearly plans can subscribe by calling the Tracfone helpline or visiting any nearest shop and retailer.

If you have not found Tracfone unlimited data plans, you can visit any nearest store and also call the support centre number 1 (800) 867 7183. Request them to activate any above-given plans on your phone. If you will activate 12GB data plan with unlimited calls and texts for 365 days, you will receive 1GB of data per month.

Reasons for buying an Unlimited data plan

There are many reasons why a customer have need unlimited data plans on Tracfone.

  • Unlimited internet can help to use the internet on many devices by WI-FI
  • Watching Movies, streaming online content, watching videos and playing the games
  • Uploading content on the internet
  • If you are a media company like a news channel or YouTuber etc.

| FAQ |

How to Reactivate the expired plan on Tracfone

You can reactivate your expired unlimited texts and calls plan by 611611, visiting the Tracfone website and contacting by a chatbot. If the required balance is available on your phone, this plan will auto-renew itself every month.

Tracfone Airtime Support Number

Call at 1 (800) 867 7183 to buy airtime or activate any plan.

How to get 1GB FREE on Tracfone?

Tracfone is providing 1GB FREE to its customers when they activate any unlimited text, data or calling plan. Users can call 1 (800) 867 7183 and can request to activate a 1GB FREE Plan.

What will happen if the plan is expired without using Data?

After the expiration of the unlimited plan, remains internet will be added to the next plan.

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