MTN Afghanistan Internet Packages – Daily, Weekly, Monthly

There are several options available to customers looking for a fast and reliable Internet connection in Afghanistan. MTN is one of the leading telecoms providers in the country and offers several plans depending on individual requirements. This article provides details about the MTN Afghanistan internet packages and offers as well as possible deals offered by MTN for different areas of Afghanistan.

It also has provided voice, and international calling services over its fixed-line network and a range of mobile devices for both personal and business use. MTN offers a number of internet packages that are offered at different rates per month depending on the package you choose to purchase.

MTN Afghanistan Internet Packages

Here are Daily, Weekly and Hourly internet packages are given that users can activate using its activation code. Simply activate packages and enjoy faster data plans on mobile phones.

1200MBAFA 151 Hour*344*61#
100MBAFA 1524 Hour*344*12#
500MBAFA 897 Days*344*22#

MTN Afghanistan Monthly Internet Packages

Enjoy monthly internet packages with MTN Afghanistan and use the fastest internet in Afghanistan. MTN is offering amazing offers from 1GB to 30GB data packages at 299 AFA to 2699 AFA per month.

1GBAFA 29930 Days*344*30#
2GBAFA 39930 Days*344*31#
4GBAFA 49930 Days*344*32#
8GBAFA 72530 Days*344*33#
15GBAFA 139930 Days*344*34#
30GBAFA 269930 Days*344*36#

MTN Afghanistan Social Internet Packages

Social packages and plans are an important part of how you can save money on your mobile data usage. You could also refer to them as prepaid plans or flexible plans. This post will give you a comprehensive understanding of what social packages and plans are, why they’re useful, and which ones are the best for you.

50MBAFA 524 Hour*344*511#
150MBAFA 187 Day*344*512#
460MBAFA 5030 Day*344*513#

MTN Afghanistan Night Internet Packages

With the introduction of night Internet plans, users can now get internet connectivity from 9 pm to 6 am. There are a lot of benefits associated with it. Apart from being an easy way to save on data, it also ensures that you have unlimited access to the internet for as long as you want.

1GBAFA 251 Night*344*41#
10GBAFA 17530 Night*344*42#
  • For deactivation data bundles send D to 344.
  • MTN Afghanistan 2G/3G prepaid and postpaid customers can subscribe to monthly data bundles
  • Monthly data bundles are auto renewable after bundle expiry
  • Deactivation any offer is not affecting customer’s remaining MBs till respective expiry date
  • To check the remaining package, dial USSD string *344*7# or USSD menu *344# press 7 or via SMS type 7 send to 344.

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