Optimum Internet Offers, TV Plans and Packages

What are you looking for Optimum internet & tv plans? Read and check the latest techniques of optimum Tv plans and internet plans. The Optimum internet connection starts from 300Mbps and Tv users can watch 200+ TV channels. Optimum is also offering local or international calling offers to its all new and old users. Here are all Optimum internet Offers, TV plans and local or international plans details.

Optimum Internet Offers, TV Plans and Packages

Whenever a new connection is to be made, we first check its cost and then check its features and speed. But internet workers and heavy internet users pay a lot of attention to the speed and bandwidth of the package.

Optimum is a network that offers you calls, internet and TV channels at the same time. You can get all internet and TV features by activating just one package.

Optimum Internet Plan and Deals

with this plan, customers can enjoy unlimited internet anywhere at $39.99 per month. With more than 2 million hotspots, customers can go anywhere and connect their mobile phone or laptop to the Internet.

Customers only have to activate the connection once after which they can earn a good profit by paying the package fee every month or annually i.e. 12 months. Altice one double play plan is the best for those customers who want to get internet and TV channels together. Users will get 220+ HD Tv channels including 300Mbps unlimited connection for the whole month.

Optimum Internet 300 Features:

  • 300Mbps connection speed
  • Smart WIFI for home
  • 2 Million+ hotspot access nationwide
  • No annual costs and data caps

Altice One Double Play

TV Channels220+ HD
  • 300Mbps connection speed
  • Core TV with 220+ channels
  • 4K Ultra HD content
  • Smart WIFI for home
  • Voice-Activated Remote provided
  • No annual costs and data caps

Altice One Triple Play

TV Channels220+ 4K Channels
CallsUnlimited Nationwide Calling
  • 300Mbps connection speed
  • Core TV with 220+ channels
  • 4K Ultra HD content
  • Smart WIFI for home
  • Voice-Activated Remote provided
  • No annual costs and data caps

You can activate double-play internet packages which are providing core TV channels and a 300Mbps connection for a whole month. In some Optimum packages, customers can get a 1Gig and 500Mbps connection. All the packages have different types of speeds and prices.

Optimum Double Play Packages

Connection SpeedChannelsPrice
940 Mbps420+ Channels$194.99/month
500 Mbps420+ Channels$174.99/month
300 Mbps420+ Channels$154.99/month
940 Mbps340+ Channels$174.99/month
500 Mbps340+ Channels$154.99/month
300 Mbps340+ Channels$134.99/month
940 Mbps220+ Channels$154.99/month
500 Mbps220+ Channels$134.99/month
300 Mbps220+ Channels$114.99/month

If you want to install a good connection at your home, then check the internet speed of this connection. Especially those who use the Internet for online work, videos or studios or for gaming.

If you’re using another cable operator’s connection to run TV channels, activate the optimum connection instead. This will also allow you to easily use free TV channels according to the activated connection. You can also get a good discount when you activate a 12-month connection. By activating TV channels plans, you will be able to see premium 420+ TV channels like Cinemax®, Starz®, HBO®, NFL RedZone® and MLB including Chinese and Russian channels.

Optimum Triple Play

This offer also provides a phone line to make calls with the internet and TV channels. People using each telecom source can activate the connection of the same network and get good results in addition to the best services. If you are using telephone calls, and internet connections of different companies, then you may be paying a lot of bills. You can select a good connection and company by combining Optimum’s three-in-one plans with your current or another company connection.

Here are many triple connection offers which are providing Core TV channels up to 420+, 300Mbps to 940Mbps speed internet and unlimited phone calls. You can make calls unlimited in the US, Puerto Rico, Canada, and US Virgin Islands but you cannot make calls in other international countries with Optimum triple plans.

Triple Play Plans & Offers

Connection SpeedChannelsCallsPrice
940 Mbps420+ ChannelsUnlimited$209.99/month
500 Mbps420+ ChannelsUnlimited$189.99/month
300 Mbps420+ ChannelsUnlimited$169.99/month
940 Mbps340+ ChannelsUnlimited$189.99/month
500 Mbps340+ ChannelsUnlimited$169.99/month
300 Mbps340+ ChannelsUnlimited$149.99/month
940 Mbps220+ ChannelsUnlimited$169.99/month
500 Mbps220+ ChannelsUnlimited$149.99/month
300 Mbps220+ ChannelsUnlimited$129.99/month

1 Gig service is not available in all areas so you have to check before applying for a new or upgrading your connection. These prices are including taxes fees and other charges. Netflix and YouTube users can enjoy the highest speed with no buffering with a 940Mbps connection. Optimum Internet Offers are the best for those who want to get call services including TV services.

When every kind of service is provided by only one company, the difficulty of paying different bills for everything ends. Therefore, you can stay away from the problem of bills by activating these plans and paying monthly or annual bills only once. Optimum is providing good support and there is a 24/7/365 support call source +18445182667. In case of any problem, you can call their given number and get a new connection, connection upset, or resolve the issue.

Optimum Coverage Areas

AlabamaFloridaMissouriSouth Dakota
AlaskaIllinoisNew HampshireVermont
ColoradoKentuckyNorth CarolinaWisconsin
LouisianaNew JerseyTennesseeArizona
MichiganNorth DakotaVirginiaConnecticut
NebraskaNew MexicoOhioRhode Island
NevadaNew YorkOklahomaSouth Carolina
UtahWest Virginia

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