Queen Mary 2 Internet Packages & Prices

Internet is available for queen mary 2 travellers. People who want to get the list and prices of queen mary 2 internet packages can read this full review and can get internet to use on mobile phones, tablets and laptops. The QM2 have good WIFI coverage on board and you can get it with the tickets. Its prices are some high depending on user internet speed requirements.

The stateroom and all public places in Queen Mary have WIFI signals which connection price will be cost per minute or user requirements speed. Queen Mary 2 has the best prepaid offers and internet packages which prices are given here:

Queen Mary 2 Internet Packages & Prices

Customers can get fixes internet connection and Pay As You Go both. Those people who want to use the internet by the package can subscribe to its 2 hours plan. This plan provides 120 minutes which cost US$49.95 and ($0.42 per minute).

Fixed Internet Package:

Internet120 Minutes
How to Active?Contact QM2 Team

You have to tell us about your requirements for internet usage like internet speed and total data. For registration, you have to provide your internet full name and your room number.

Pay As You Go __

PriceUS$0.75 per Minute

Pay As you Go internet connection price is US$0.75 per minute which will be charged when you will use the internet. Packages and prices depend on the time which can be changed. You can also directly contact to ship manager for the latest deals and offers prices.

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