Three Prepaid SIM With 12GB Data – Contract & No-Contract

With Three prepaid SIM cards, customers have the option to get a 12GB data package for the whole month. This package is the best for those who want to use social network apps, use video streaming websites and want to surf the internet for a whole month. With the pay as you Go service, Three UK customers can get unlimited talk and text and 12GB of internet data for £20 per month.

Three Prepaid SIM With 12GB Data

Here are three types of offers that Three prepaid customers can activate and subscribe to on their SIM cards:

  • Pay As You Go __ Enjoy Unlimited Talk and text including 12GB of mobile data. The price of this package is £20 which is valid for 30 days. With this plan, customers never need to signup for any contract or pay extra service charges.
  • Monthly SIM Card __ Monthly SIM card is great and fit for those who want to enjoy services for a long time. This plan is valid for 12 months and customers have to pay £12 per fee every month. It is the cheapest plan because you will get 12 monthly contracts. If you need a package or offer every month then it is the best choice for you.
  • Data Reward SIM __ 12GB of high-speed data with a validity of 12 months for just £10. It does not include free calls or texts, but you can earn additional data rewards by completing certain activities.

You can access Three Network’s 4G and 5G networks, depending on your location and device capabilities. Customers who have subscribed to these plans, can use data, talk, and text allowances within the UK and in other countries within the European Union. You can also check the coverage in the UK before buying a SIM card that is compatible with your phone or not.


While buying a SIM card in the UK, you must see its prepaid and postpaid plans and offers. If you want to buy a prepaid SIM card for personal use and you come to the UK for a short time then Pay As you SIM card is the best selection. You can recharge when you need to make calls and use the internet. You will be not charged any extra service fees but standard calls, text and internet charges will be applied if you use them without any offer activation. Users can buy any given Three SIM card from its website and by visiting any nearest store or shop.

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