Zain Call Packages (KSA) – Daily, Weekly, Monthly & 3 Days

Zain is the best prepaid, postpaid and 5G telecom network in Saudi Arabia that is offering calling services to its prepaid and postpaid customers. You can choose Zain call packages to make calls on local networks and international numbers. Here are some cheap and unlimited calling packages that are offered by Zain and Shabab packages.

If you want to talk to your loved ones for a long time and you have Zain prepaid SIM card then you can activate any good Zain call package. That way, you don’t have to pay extra, and you don’t have to pay per minute charges on calls. Zain Network provides free calls, messages and internet to prepaid customers when they purchase a new SIM. This allows users to test SIM cards, and check internet speed and network speed.

Zain Call packages

Older users can make free calls by activating the package on their existing prepaid or postpaid SIM. Along with Zain Call packages the company also provides some free messages or internet to the customers. Some packages have also been launched that offers everything in one package such as free calls, free messages, and free internet. Here we are going to provide you with information about Zain prepaid and postpaid unlimited Call packages that you can activate daily, monthly, and weekly.

Zain Call Packages Monthly

InternetLocal CallsPriceActivationValidity
5GB+5GB Social400 Minutes59 SARSend S59 to 9594 Weeks
20GB+30GB Social1500 Minutes99 SARSend S99 to 9594 Weeks
50GB+Unlimited Social3000 Minutes149 SARSend S149 to 9594 Weeks
80GB+Unlimited SocialUnlimited Minutes179 SARSend S179 to 9594 Weeks
95GB+Unlimited SocialUnlimited Minutes199 SARSend S199 to 9594 Weeks
Unlimited DataUnlimited Minutes15 SARSend AUL to 9591 Day

Social media is included Youtube, Snapchat, Facebook, Whatapp, Instagram, and Twitter/. After activating these packages customers can get Zain rewarding program for free by going to their free subscription page.

  • To stop auto-renewal of any package send code “CA199” to 959
  • To deactivate or unsubscribe from any package send code “CS199” to 959.

Zain Local Calling Packages

Local CallsActivatePriceCancelValidity
25 MinutesSend L1 to 9592.5 SARSend CAL1 to 9591 Day
150 MinutesSend L7 to 95913 SARSend CAL7 to 9597 Days
500 MinutesSend L30 to 95930 SARSend CAL30 to 95930 Days

Zain Flex Call Packages

Those customers who have Zain Flex SIM cards can enjoy its call packages and can get 30 Flexi minutes to 800 Flexi minutes. These Flexi minutes can be used on Zain and local networks and some supported countries.

InternetFlex MinutesPriceActivationValidity
1GB+2GB Social30 Minutes (Flexi)19 SARSend 100 to 9591 Week
1GB+1GB Social50 Minutes29 SARSend 101 to 9594 Weeks
20GB+Unlimited Social250 Minutes99 SARSend 102 to 9594 Weeks
100GB+Unlimited Social800 Minutes319 SARSend 103 to 9593 Months
  • Social Packages are usable for Facebook, YouTube and Twitter only
  • Zain flex minutes are usable for local calls, in 24 international countries including Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Nepal, United Arab Emirates, India, Sudan, Malaysia, Thailand, USA, Singapore, South Korea, Ireland, Japan, Canada, Denmark, Australia, Brazil, Egypt, Bangladesh, Yemen, Jordan and Philippines.
  • To check the remaining benefits send “BC” to 959.

Zain Visitor Call Packages

The visitor line is specially designed for tourists and visitors who came abroad in Saudi Arabia. If you have a Visitor SIM card then you can use these call packages and can activate your SIM card using its subscription codes.

InternetFlex CallsPriceActivationValidity
3GB+1GB Social50 Minutes34.5 SARSend 3030 to 9592 Weeks
10GB+5GB Social150 Minutes80.5 SARSend 7070 to 9594 Weeks
25GB+Unlimited Social350 Minutes149.5 SARSend 1300 to 9594 Weeks
  • Social networks are including Facebook, Whatsapp and Snapchat only
  • To deactivate any of the packages from Vistors packages send C” activation code”, ex. C7070
  • To stop auto-renewal send CA” activation code”, ex. CA7070
  • Zain flex minutes are usable for Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Nepal, United Arab Emirates, India, Sudan Denmark, Brazil, Egypt, Bangladesh, Yemen, Jordan and the Philippines.

Promotional Call Packages

Unlimited Zain Calls1.5 SARSend 1005 to 9591 Day
Unlimited Zain Calls7 SARSend 1006 to 9597 Days
Unlimited Zain Calls25 SARSend 1007 to 95930 Days
20 Local Minutes2 SARSend L1 to 9591 Day
120 Local Minutes10 SARSend L7 to 9597 Day
500 Local Minutes30 SARSend L30 to 95930 Days

Zain International Call Packages

Customers can make calls from Zain to other countries and can take them to their friends, family and co-workers easily at the lowest international call packages. Zain international call packages are specially designed to talk abroad at low prices. After activating the international call packages Zain customers will be able to call specific countries without any per minute or second cost.

Call MinutesCountryPriceActivationCancelValidity
200 MinutesSudan7 SARSend 8708 to 959CA87081 Day
3000 MinutesSudan85 SARSend 8707 to 959CA87074 Weeks
50 MinutesPakistan6 SARSend 9210 to 959CA92101 Day
275 MinutesPakistan30 SARSend 9211 to 959 CA92111 Week
600 MinutesPakistan60 SARSend 9212 to 959CA92121 Month
65 MinutesYemen30 SARSend 9671 to 959CA96711 Week
200 MinutesYemen75 SARSend 9672 to 959CA96721 Month
50 MinutesIndia5 SARSend 9107 to 959CA91071 Day
220 MinutesIndia20 SARSend 9108 to 959CA91081 Week
670 MinutesIndia50 SARSend 9109 to 959CA91091 Month
50 MinutesBangladesh5 SARSend 8807 to 959CA88071 Day
220 MinutesBangladesh20 SARSend 8808 to 959CA88081 Week
670 MinutesBangladesh50 SARSend 8809 to 959CA88091 Month
300 MinutesJordan20 SARSend 9621 to 959CA96211 Week
1000 MinutesJordan60 SARSend 9622 to 959CA96221 Month

Zain International Call Package for Pakistan

The international packages are valid for Sudan, Bangladesh, Jordan, Pakistan and India. Prepaid customers who are subscribing to Zain international call package for Pakistan can subscribe to the monthly bundle. This bundle allows customers to call on selected networks (Jazz, Zong, Ufone). If a customer’s family member or friend in Pakistan has a Telenor SIM card then they can activate the International call package for Pakistan Telenor.

Zain International Call Package for Jordan

Those users whose relatives live in Jordan can activate the monthly and weekly zain international call packages for Jordan. This package cost 20 SAR for 7 days and 60 SAR for 30 days. Users can activate Jordan Zain’s weekly call package by sending 9621 to 959 and can get 300 minutes for their home country.

Zain International Call Package for Sudan:

Those users whose relatives live in Sudan can activate the monthly and weekly zain international call packages for Sudan. This package cost 7 SAR for 7 days (200 Minutes) and 85 SAR for 30 days (3000 Minutes). Users can activate Zain’s weekly call package Sudan by sending 8708 to 959 and can get 200 minutes for their home country.


We have added all Zain call packages after full verifications of their prices and call minutes. In some packages, customers can get free social internet or free YouTube. To subscribe to any international call package, Local call package or other network call package zain user can send the package activation code to 959. To check the internet data send “data” to 959.

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