How to open Easypaisa account

How to Make Easypaisa Account, Requirments & Limits

Easypaisa is a Pakistani mobile wallet account that is bought by Telenor. Creating this account is very easy and you can create an Easypaisa account on any network SIM. To create an EasyPaisa account, hold your Pakistani National Identity Card, and ready its photographs, place of birth, date of creation of the identity card, and any network SIM card.

Complete all these things and install the EasyPaisa app on your mobile. If you have a Telenor SIM, you can easily register an account by dialing *786#.

How to Create Easypaisa Mobile Account?

You can create a mobile account using Easypaisa app and using shortcode *786#. Code will work if you have Telenor SIM. Otherwise, you can use the Easypaisa app for account registration.

Create Easypaisa account using Easypaisa app

Use this method if you have other network SIM Card and you want to create an account on Jazz, Zong, Ufone, and Telenor. This method will work on all SIMs.

  • Install Easypaisa app in your mobile phone and open it
  • Enter your mobile number
  • OTP will automaticly fetch (If you have inserted SIM card in the same mobile)
  • Enter the 13 digits CNIC number
  • Now, Enter the Date of Birth as shown in your CNIC
  • Select the place of your Birth
  • Enter the mothername if required
  • Choose the 5 digits PIN code for your account
  • Your account is successfully registered.

Create Easypaisa account on Telenor SIM

This method will work only on Telenor SIM. Other network users use the above-given method.

  • Insert the SIM card in your mobile phone and dial its shortcode *786#
  • Enter the CNIC issuance date as shown in CNIC
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS with 5 Digits PIN Code
  • Exit the screen and again dial *786#
  • Enter the received PIN Code and tap on send
  • Select the new MPIN for your account
  • Your account will successfully registerd.

If you are not able to create an EasyPaisa wallet, you can get information by calling on 3737. EasyPaisa Mobile account can be easily activated from the nearest retailer or Telenor franchise. Before creating an account, make sure that the SIM is registered in your name.

Benefits of Easypaisa Account

This account is very easy to use so you need to have some information which I am going to tell you below. With Easypaisa you can send and receive money from all over Pakistan. If you need a mobile recharge somewhere, you can do it easily from your mobile. With EasyPaisa you can also pay your utility bills, Sui gas bills, WAPDA, and other bills. When you create a mobile account at home, your account limit is less than a verified account. I will also give you the information below about the limit of the new account.

Money TransferRecharge BalancePay BillsPay LoanBuy Bus Tickers
Govt FeesEducationsInvestmentBuy Movie TicketsMobile Package
DonationOnline PaymentTill PaymentsFee CollectionInsurance
Buy Online ProductsCash DepositCash WithdrawRemittanceCNIC Transfer

Easypaisa Account Limits 2021

Easypaisa allowed news users to send and receive money with a daily limit of 25,000 PKR. This limit is for new and non-verified accounts. If you want to increase payment sending and receiving limits then verify your account by biometric.

Non-Verified Account Limits:

Non verified accounts can send and receive money Rs.25,000/Day as the account limit 2021. Easypaisa non verified account monthly limits are 50,000 for sending and receiving payments. The yearly Sending and Receiving limit is 200,000.

Daily Sending Limit25,000
Daily Receiving Limit25,000
Monthly Sending Limit50,000
Monthly Receiving Limits50,000
Yearly Sending Limit200,000
Yearly Receiving Limit200,000

Easypaisa Verified Account Limit:

Easypaisa Verified accounts can send and receive 50,000 per day. They can send and receive monthly 200,000 rupees. You can check your Easypaisa account limits by going to the Easypaisa app and then tapping on your profile picture.

Daily Sending & Receiving Limit50,000
Monthly Sending & Receiving Limit 200,000

With an EasyPaisa account, you can easily receive money from abroad. Your account needs to be verified for this. Users need an IBAN account number in the app to receive money. Here are the details that you can find IBAN number of your Easypaisa app.

  • Open Easypaisa account using Easypaisa app
  • Login to account and tap on the profile section
  • The IBAN number will visible and you can send money on this IBAN number.

How to Close Easypaisa Mobile Wallet Account?

To close the account call 3737 or visit the Telenor franchise or head office. They will check your account balance and if it will Zero then you will be able to close the account. Easypaisa users need the SIM card in which the account is opened.

How to keep safe account?

Don’t use MPIN which starts or matches your account number. Use difficult 5 digits PIN to keep a safe account. Keep secret your account PIN and don’t share it with someone. If you feel that someone is trying to break your password and try to log in to your account immediately call helpline number 3737 (Telenor Users). Other network users dial (021 / 042 / 051 ) 111-003-737.

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