Create free Virtual Debit Card for Online Shopping

How to Create Virtual Debit Card for Online Shopping

It is a very common problem to not have a Debit card. When we have to need to buy something online from Amazon Store or anywhere else, We always need a PayPal account or Visa/Master Card. Without these cards, we cannot buy anything from online websites and stores. So, Today, I decided to show you the best ways to create virtual debit cards.

Create Virtual Debit Card for Online Shopping

If you have any bank account in your country where you live, you can make a virtual master Card or Visa card. When we search on the internet about Top virtual Debit cards sites or companies, we see many companies, but they require many such things and forms that we cannot provide. So, I have mentioned those companies and apps that are working worldwide and you can make Visa and Mastercard immediately from your home.

Top 2 Apps to Get Free Debit Card

1. Pyypl

With the Pyypl app, you can get a free debit card and can use it without any hassle. Pyypl provides free Mastercard worldwide without paying anything. You have to just install this app on your mobile phone and tap on the signup button to create an account. Here are some requirements that Pyypl requires.


  1. National Identity Card
  2. Self Selfie
  3. Valid Mobile Number
  4. Valid Email

You have just needed these documents and you can claim a free virtual pyypl debit card on your mobile phone. From this app, you have not to need any type of contract and monthly or yearly fees. Just create an account, Verify and get your Mastercard in few seconds.

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Pyypl works on 50 million shops and websites locally and internationally. You can use this debit card on Amazon, Daraz, Foodpanda, Careem, Uber, and anywhere on the websites. Control of the card is in your hands. If you have any issue and you want to off the card then simply go to the Pyypl app settings and tap on remove the card option. Enter your password and confirm by entering the OTP code which you will receive on your email and mobile number.

2. UBL Digital App

UBL is a Pakistani bank that is mostly used for online payments. If you live in Pakistan then it is very easy to create a UBL account by going to UBL’s nearest bank. Those people who have already a UBL account can easily get a free virtual debit card. Non-Pakistanis also can create a UBL account online by providing their all information on the UBL site.

A non-resident of Pakistan can create a Roshan Digital account using the Account opening form. You’ll need some documents to create an account which is given below.


  1. A Valid CNIC/NICOP/POC*
  2. Father Name/Spouse Name
  3. A Valid Mobile Number
  4. Email address
  5. Utality Bill
  6. Full Address

Scan the CNIC/NICOP/POC and save them on your mobile or computer. If you are a resident of the USA, UK, UAE or Saudia Arab, or any country then you should have a valid contact number or address for verification. After providing the full form online the UBL team will contact you in a short time of working days. They will ask you some security questions, Give the right answer.

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After Email or mobile number verifications, You will get your bank account number by SMS or Email. Save it and wait for Debit Card which will receive at your provided address in 2 weeks. After receiving the debit card you can now login to your UBL Digital App and can create Virtual Card.

Make a Call on  111-825-888 (UAN) number and say them to unlock payment options in the UBL app. They will ask some security questions about your account and unlock your app. Go to Cards options and create a Virtual Card. You can remove and change Virtual Debit “Visa & MasterCard” anytime.

3. Alfa App by Alfalah Bank

Alfalah is a private limited bank which is in Pakistan. If you live in Pakistan then it is very easy to create an Alfalah account from your mobile phone and desktop. Alfa provides a free virtual master card facility to its customers so that they can easily buy online products from online stores or websites. Here are the complete steps which you can use and can get a free virtual debit card.

  • Open the Google Play Store and install Alfa App
  • Get ready your documents such as “CNIC Pictures, Mobile number, and a valid email”
  • Open the app and tap on “New to Alfa app”
  • Enter your Mobile number, CNIC number and your full name
  • Enter your mother name and your date of birth
  • Capture your CNIC images and upload on it
  • Now, Tap on verify button
  • After verifications of your contact number and email your account will ready for use.
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Now here are some other steps in which you can get a free virtual debit card. It is free and you can use it anywhere In Pakistan. If you want to purchase products then it is the best app. Follow the steps to create a virtual debit card.

  • Open the app and login to account
  • Tap on Cards options
  • Now, tap on Debit Cards> Virtual Debit cards
  • Create a new Card by entering card expiry date, and amount
  • Now, tap on ready and create button
  • Your card is ready to use.

I hope that this all information will help you to get a free virtual card by using your smartphone. If there is any issue you can ask me in the comments. I have described three apps that provide free debit cards but I will suggest you use the first method. Because it is very easy and you can use it anywhere in worldwide.

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