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ALbtelecom is a communications company in Albania. First, it was established as a government company. It was the first telephone company in the whole country. Its network is spread all over the country of Albania. A successful service provider is a communications company. We are showing you the latest ALBTelecom SuperFiber Internet offers and Package details for daily, weekly, monthly, 2 months and 14 days.

In 2017, operators increased the duration of their monthly packages from 30 days to 18 days, but now it has been extended from 28 days to 30 days again. We tell you about its internet packages here that you can subscribe to by dialling activation codes.

ALBTelecom Internet Offers – Prepaid, Mobile & Super Fiber Plans

Its internet packages are fantastic and you can enjoy their services using their internet packages. The aim is to promote and strengthen cooperation in the regional countries and it will be on foreign telecommunication in the coming days. It is going to do a lot of work. It is trying to strengthen the ground international connection with its neighbours.

ALBtelecom is the only Albanian company to provide military internet connection public WiFi IPTV and cloud services to the people and the company strives to provide its services with new innovations keeping in mind the latest technology within it.

By the way, many companies have given their packages for internet supply but here I am telling you about ALbtelecom internet packages. Its rates and services are very good you can not only use their service but they can also use their services because the services of this company are very good in terms of internet.

Daily100 ALL0.5GBSMS to 13824 Hours
Weekly Package300 ALL1GB11300 7 Days
Monthly 500500 ALL2GBIM50030 Days
Monthly 750750 ALL4GBIM75030 Days
Monthly 10001000 ALL6GBIM100030 Days
Monthly 15001500 ALL20GBIM150030 Days
Monthly 30003000 ALL40GBIM300030 Days
ALBTelecom Internet Packages
  • The internet package is limited and you will be charged according to the standard tennis plan after using this monthly package.
  • Internet charges from 10kb will apply
  • To check the balance send an SMS to 129 or dial * 100 and go to the menu
  • Registration can be done once in any monthly internet package and for the next package, the same existing registration will take its place.
  • All packages include VAT.

ALBTelecom 16Mbps Monthly Prepaid Internet Package

You can now run your internet service for several months. For the entire term of the contract, you have to pay the monthly fee first. After paying the fee you can get your package and enjoy prepaid packages. If you are new and you want to check whether your mobile phone is compatible or not with these network bands then you can read Albania Network Bands details.

Prepaid Internet 16 Mbps1,500 ALL16 Mbps
  • New customers can avail of this package for a period of only three or six months and there are only prepaid packages for one month package.
  • There are 3,000 refundable guarantees and 5,000 modem Wi-Fi installation charges.
  • In case of termination of the contract, clients are responsible for delivering the goods to the store and in case of non-delivery; a penalty will be imposed on the clients.
  • The client cannot change his package during the repayment period and this offer is valid for a limited period only.
  • Package prices include VAT.

ALBTelecom Fiber Prepaid Internet Packages – Mobile Oferta

ALBTelecom Internet Offers for Fiver users. Customers can get now a 30Mbps connection at 1600 ALL and a 60Mbps connection at 2100 ALL per month. You can get and activate their services by calling their helpline number at 123 or +355672000123.

Internet Fiber 30 Mbps1,600 ALL30 Mbps
Internet Fiber 60 Mbps2,100 ALL60 Mbps
  • Its service installation is 1000 for 6 months and also three months installation fee is 2000.
  • Fixed telephone services were not provided and their KPK barley would be priced separately.
  • These packages are available at all ALBtelecom stores
  • Internet service will not be provided after the completion of 50GB
  • During the first two calendar months, you will be given an extra 150GB
  • Internet service in these packages will be provided to you via Dynamic IP.
  • The maximum contract period for internet packages is one year or two years and due to early termination of the contract penalty will be levied and the cost of the penalty will be equal to the fee.

Super Fiber Star Internet Packages

Super Fiber Start has Super Internet, for only 700 ALL/month! You can also get extra Giga packages during this package activation. This package speed is 8Mbps and customers will avail of 50GB of data. Customers will receive +150GB for the first 2 months.

8Mbps700 ALL50GB+150 GB/for the first 2 months*

Giga Extra Packages

Giga Extra 1 Package20050GB+150 GB/for the first 2 months*
Giga Extra 1 Package300200GB+150 GB/for the first 2 months*

ALBTelecom ADSL service tariffs Packages

If you are searching for ALBTelecom ADSL service tariffs packages then all the latest packages are added here. You can compare and select the best tariff for you before buying a new connection.

ADSL w Limit2Mbps/256kbps4GBDynamic3990 ALL1199 ALL
ADSL w Limit2Mbps/256kbps8GBDynamic3990 ALL1799 ALL
ADSL w Limit2Mbps/256kbpsunlimitedDynamic3990 ALL2399 ALL
ADSL unlimited4Mbps/512kbpsunlimitedDynamic3990 ALL3599 ALL
ADSL unlimited8Mbps/768kbpsunlimitedDynamic3990 ALL4799 ALL
ADSL PRO8Mbps/768kbpsunlimitedStatic3990 ALL5999 ALL
ADSL PRO8Mbps/768kbpsunlimitedStatic3990 ALL8999 ALL
ADSL PRO16Mbps/768kbpsunlimitedStatic3990 ALL11,999 ALL

ABOUT ALbtelecom Internet – TV DHE Internet

ALBtelecom and Eagle Mobile The two companies merged in 2011. They operate as two entities with the same package. The Internet is one of the most widely used means of communication in the world. You can’t do anything in today’s world without the Internet. Is dependent on the Internet.

The point is that every aspect of our lives is connected to the Internet. Everything we do in life is connected to the Internet. The Internet is the most useful and the best resource in today’s modern age. While we have mentioned these benefits of the Internet, it is also important to keep in mind that the Internet has a significant impact on your business life. The Internet has become a very important need in today’s world. It has made the world a global village.

Believe it or not, the Internet has become a necessity for everyone and it is very important for anyone who has a mobile phone not to have internet, so thanks to the Internet you can get all kinds of information all over the world. You can even use the Free Internet to send messages from one corner of the globe to another and ask how each other is doing.

I would also like to tell you to adopt the internet and take advantage of the benefits that have brought so much ease to today’s life. You can activate and deactivate all ALBTelecom internet offers by dialling 123 from your prepaid SIM or mobile.

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