ALBTelecom Roaming Oferta, Tariffs & Giga Roaming Packages

ALBTelecom is one of the best companies in the world. This Company works day and night to deliver new packages to its customers. And the demand for it is increasing day by day. And this company has gained the attention of its customers by launching new packages day and night, Its call packages are very Good. Those customers who are going abroad can use ALBTeleocm Roaming packages and Oferta easily.

ALBTelecom provides local and international services to its customers on call packages and internet packages on Daily Basis. You can easily avail of its All packages. You can easily connect your loved ones with its national and international Call package. It’s an effective way to connect with your loved ones. Choose This company to connect with your loved ones. Information on our best packages can be easily found on our website.

ALBTelecom Roaming Oferta, Tariffs & Giga Roaming Packages

Regarding the roaming calling of One ALBTelecom, I would like to say that this company is very good for roaming calls. You can enjoy their roaming calling packages at the lowest costs. Thanks to their standard rates and excellent service you will appreciate their efforts. ALB Tele Nation has reached its peak in Albania.

The details of these packages and the prices will be kept in front of you so that you can enjoy these packages and enjoy the roaming call in this famous and well-known company of Albania and get maximum benefit.

DetailsZone 4Zone 10Zone 10Zone Extra
Prices200 ALL400 ALL1000 ALL1590 ALL
Outgoing Call Minutes10 Minutes30 Minutes100 Minutes50 Minutes
Outgoing National Minutes5 Minutes
Incoming Minutes10 Minutes30 Minutes100 Minutes50 Minutes
Outgoing SMS10 SMS30 SMS100 SMS50 SMS
Validity24 Hours4 Days10 Days4 Days
ActivationSend 1 to 136Send 4 to 136Send 10 to 136Send Extra to 136
  • ALBTelecom minutes can only be used for outgoing calls
  • You need to activate Roaming services to activate their packages. Dial 123 or visit any nearest branch to activate the Roaming services.

ALBTelecom Roaming Tariffs Oferta

Roaming Price
Outgoing Calls
toward all Destinations
Incoming Calls
toward all Destinations
ALL DestinationsSMS
Promo Zone 125251020
Promo Zone 250501020
Zone 110010035750
Zone 2200200501000
Zone 3300300602000

Details :

  1. Roaming SMS is absolutely free
  2. The roaming service is open to postpaid customers with a guarantee as per the relevant plan, While the roaming service for SMS and Voice is automatically opened for prepaid users
  3. For prepaid subscribers in roaming Code *125#, it is important to deal with the divorce for internet service as it is not automatically restored.

GigaRoaming Packages

PackagesGigaRoaming ItalyGigaRoaming GreeceGigaRoaming TurkeGigaRoaming Kosovo
Price990 ALL990 ALL990 ALL990 ALL
Internet1 GB1 GB1 GB1 GB
Volume Validity10 Days10 Days10 Days10 Days
SMS text to 136 RegistrationGigaRoaming ItalyGigaRoaming GreqiGigaRoaming TurqiGigaRoaming Kosove

Details :

1 . Roaming Activation for prepaid customers must have a standard super package to avail Ganga Roaming Package

2  If you use the second package in a timely manner, the first GigaRoaming package will not work Properly

3.  If you use the GigaRoaming package at the same time as the Roaming package, then using the GigaRoaming package will be your first priority

4. With the use of this package, its accuracy becomes useful

5. SMS to 136 Find out the balance of the package with total text.

Services :

  1. This Company works 24 hours Available
  2. You can get guidance from our representative at any time
  3. In case of any difficulty, you can talk to the representative in case of a complaint
  4. Visit our representative or our website for information on our best package
  5. Your guidance is our number one priority
  6. Our representatives are always ready to guide you
  7. Our staff responds promptly to your request
  8. In case of any complaint visit our Shop
  9. Or contact our WhatsApp Numbers at 067 2000123
  10. Or contact our helpline 123 for free.

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