Aldi NBN Internet Plans

Aldi is the best telecom network in Australia that is offering internet, calling, and value-added services to its new and exciting customers. Whether you are searching for Aldi’s NBN internet plan or Aldi’s affordable daily, weekly, and monthly plans, you can get them here.

On 3G, 4G, and 5G networks in Australia, we don’t know how much data we have used on our Aldi SIM. That’s why we have come up with Aldi NBN Internet plans for you after thorough research. Aldi has provided its customers with various types of daily internet plans, the details of which are as follows:

Aldi NBN Internet plans


Users who need internet for a short period of time can activate an Aldi internet plan on their Aldi SIM. This way, they can save money on extra internet plans. Aldi does have not NBN plans but they are offering broadband plans that use Telstra services. You can see their prices and can select according to your needs.

Aldi NBN Weekly Internet plans

  • All plans have a 7-day expiry and do not include data rollover
  • Data-only plans, so no calls or SMS included
  • These plans do not have contracts, so you can cancel them anytime

For those who are going on tours or traveling somewhere, these offers are mostly interesting and affordable. Aldi offers weekly NBN internet offers to all its customers, which include unlimited internet plans as well as some free add-ons.

You can activate any plan of your choice from the given Aldi weekly internet price list. ALDImobile is not providing NBN plans but is providing mobile phone plans that can be available on prepaid SIM cards.

Aldi NBN Monthly Unlimited Internet plans

Mobile Broadband 30GB30GBUp to 50Mbps$45/month
Mobile Broadband 80GB80GBUp to 50Mbps$65/month
Mobile Broadband 150GB150GBUp to 50Mbps$85/month

With Aldi Monthly Internet Plans, you can get a lot of benefits and use the internet without worrying. Prices for all Aldi monthly internet plans listed here are subject to change depending on region and time.

Aldi NBN monthly internet plans are available but these plans are mostly expensive. If you need a high-speed internet plan, you can continue using these plans starting from $45 per month which provides 30GB data on up to 50Mbps speed.

Aldi NBN Social Internet Plans

PlanMobile Broadband Social Plan
SpeedUp to 50Mbps
Rollover dataYes, up to 50GB
ContractNo contract
  • The ALDI Mobile Social Plans offer unlimited data for selected social media apps, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Zoom.
  • If you exceed your data allowance, you will be charged $5 per gigabyte.

If you have not used the ALDImobile social plan this month and your internet data is remaining till expiry, you can use it next month. These services are the best and keep in mind that some offers are expensive but have good internet speed.

ALDImobile Broadband Promotional Codes

You can use the promo codes of ALDImobile and get a good discount. If you are a new customer and looking for an affordable and cheap internet package then ALDImobile broadband services are a great option. Let’s see the ALDImobile promo codes below:

  • NEWCUSTOMER: Get $10 OFF on monthly plan
  • REFERAFRIEND: When a friend signup using this promo code, you will get a $10 bonus
  • SOCIAL20: Get $10 on monthly subscription on any internet plan


How do I subscribe to Aldi Unlimited Internet?

You can activate and subscribe to Aldi’s unlimited internet plan using the Aldi app or calling the customer care center.

How to Check Aldi Internet Balance?

You can check the Aldi internet balance using the Aldi app or by texting “Balance” to 590. You will receive a text message with your balance.

What happens when I exceed my Aldi unlimited internet limit?

If you exceed your Aldi unlimited internet limit, your internet will be stopped working or the default internet rates may apply per MB.

What are the Terms and Conditions of Aldi?

You can visit and see the latest terms and conditions.

Which Apps do I use on Aldi Social plans?

You can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Zoom using Social plans.

In Australia, each company offers different types of services to its customers, as well as different prices and internet access. In this modern era, having unlimited internet is a must because, without it, you cannot complete any work. So, the best way is to use unlimited-data SIM cards and providers.

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