Andorra Telecom Prepaid Internet Packages & Offers

Andorra Telecom is the No. 1 network in Andorra which was founded in 1975. The company is providing fixed telephone, TV and mobile phone connections in all countries. We are providing you with Andorra Telecom prepaid internet packages and offers that you can compare and subscribe to on your prepaid SIM card. The company is proving 300Mbps, 700Mbps, and 1GBps connections.

Prepaid Internet Packages and Details:

National Calls60 Minutes
National Data3GB Data
Validity30 Days

You can dial 115 from your Andorra telecom SIM to activate and deactivate these packages. Both packages are valid for 30 days. The given internet is usable on a 5G network included.

National Calls20 Minutes
National Data1GB Data
Validity30 Days

International calling rates are €0.42 per minute in some countries the price is high and low than a normal rate. You can check out more details at Andorra telecom’s official website before calling to any county number. If you want to renew connections, packages and internet dial 115 from your phone and tell them to renew it. You must have enough balance in your SIM card to activate these packages.

Andorra Telecom eSIM cards Internet packages

Andorra Telecom is offering an eSIM card facility to its customers. Your mobile phone must be an eSIM card supported to use Andorra eSIM. You can also use Google FI Supported phone to use Andorra eSIM cards.

eSIM is the greater way to use any SIM without any physical insertion. The company give you a QR code or a PIN to use the SIM card on your mobile phone. You can buy a new eSIM card online from Andorra Telecom’s official website and can activate it in just a few minutes. If you need Topup for your SIM, visit here.

Andorra Telecom Prepaid Internet Packages & Offers

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