BT Broadband Deals for Existing Customers 2022

Are you looking for BT Broadband Deals for Existing Customers 2022? If yes then you came to the right place. BT is offering its customers great plans but their prices are going up more and more over time. That’s why people check their cheap deals on the internet before installing an internet broadband connection.

In addition to providing affordable offers to new customers, there are also some special affordable deals for people whose contracts have expired. But very few people know about them, so most of them are expired on the Internet. Here I will describe the BT broadband deals for existing customers.

BT Broadband Deals for Existing Customers 2022

Deal NameContractSpeedUsagePrice
BT Fibre Essential (with landline)24 month36Mb / secondUnlimited£29.99
BT Fibre 1 (with landline)24 month50Mb / secondUnlimited£32.99
BT Fibre 2 (with landline)24 month67Mb / secondUnlimited£34.99
BT Broadband (with landline)24 month10Mb / secondUnlimited£32.99

BT is offering a free TV app which name is BT Sport. New and exciting customers can use this app for free for the first three months. After 3 months its regular monthly fee will be £10. So, if you are looking for BT Free Internet or broadband offer or deal then it is the best for you.

Last Updated: 11 months ago

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