APUA inet Fibre Packages for Home & Invidual

APUA inet Fibre packages, 50Mbps, 25Mbps, and up to 250Mbps connections prices and packages are given here. You can compare these packages and can select the best Fibre package for you. APUA is the best internet provider in Antigua and Barbuda which is providing all types of connections for individuals and Homes.

APUA inet Fibre Packages

Those customers who want to buy a new Fibre for their home can check these plans and prices. Ultra 50 package is providing both calling and internet services. This connection is available with a 50Mbps downloading speed and a 25Mbps upload speed. Customers will also receive 150 calling minutes which they can use to talk with friends and family.

To get the new connection, customers will need a new wireless device “Wireless Mesh 804”. This device cost $20 and customers will have to pay its rent each month including the internet package.

Ultra 50 Features:

Download SpeedUp to 50Mbps
Upload SpeedUp to 25Mbps
Local Voice Minutes150 Minutes

Services and Cost:

Basic Managed Wifi$10
Premium Managed Wifi$25
Wireless Mesh 804$20

Mobile Plan

With this plan, customers will also get 2 lines of mobile phone connections. These connections will cost $75 in which users will get 10GB of data, 3000 local calling minutes and unlimited text messages (SMS). If you never want to get this plan or service, you can leave this. If you are buying this connection for your business then I will recommend getting this plan for your staff. Small business owners have never needed to get but it is their own choice.

Data10 GB
Local Minutes3000
Local SMSUnlimited Text messages
LinesMax 2 Lines

New Customer Requirments:

To get a new APUA inet Fibre connection for home or office, customers have to complete these requirements.

  • Completed Application Form
  • Utility bill from current residence
  • Valid Photo ID
  • Modem
  • Line Installation Fee
  • Monthly Fee

APUA inet Fibre Ultra 75 Package:

With the Ultra 75 package, customers will be able to get 75Mbps download speed and 35Mbps upload speed. Included in this, they will get 300 local calling minutes for free. With the mobile package, 10GB local data and 3000 minutes of local calls including unlimited local SMS will cost $75.

  • 300 Local Voice Minutes
  • Unlimited Internet

Internet Speed

Download Speed75Mbps
Upload Speed35Mbps

Extra Services and Cost

WifiBasic Managed Wifi
Wireless Devices (rental) – (Wireless Mesh 804) = $20
Premium Managed Wifi = $25
$20 – $45
Line Installation Fee$203.75$203.75
Monthly Fee$264.00$264.00

Requirements for New Customers:

  • Completed Application Form
  • Valid Photo ID
  • Utility bill from current residence

Mobile Phone Plan:

If customers will get a mobile phone connection for business then it will cost $75. With the Ultra 75 mobile phone plan, users will receive monthly 10GB local data, 3000 calling minutes on local networks, unlimited local SMS and devices will be 2 only.

Data10 GB Local Data
Calls3000 Local Minutes
SMSUnlimited Local SMS
LinesMax 2 Lines

APUA inet Fibre Ultra 100

Internet Speed100Mbps download Speed & 50Mbps Upload SpeedN/A
Voice Minutes500 local minutesN/A
Managed WifiBasic Managed Wifi
(Wireless Mesh 804)
Wireless DevicesWireless Mesh 804 (rental)
Premium Managed Wifi

Mobile Phone Plan:

  • 10 GB Mobile data
  • 3000 local minutes
  • Unlimited local SMS
  • Maximum 3 lines Supported
  • The price is $75

New Customer Requirements:

  • Completed Application Form
  • Valid Photo ID
  • Utility bill from current residence


Modem: $228.85
Line Installation Fee: $203.75
Total Monthly Cost: $327.00

Ultra 500

Internet SpeedUp to 500Mbps download and 250Mbps uploadN/A
Voice Minutes1000 local voice minutesN/A
Managed WifiPremium Managed Wifi (Wireless Mesh 804)N/A
Wireless DevicesWireless Mesh 804 (rental)$20/mo
Mobile Plan10 GB data, 3000 local minutes, unlimited local SMS (max 4 lines)$75/mo

Mobile Phone Plan:

  • 10 GB Mobile data
  • 3000 local minutes
  • Unlimited local SMS
  • Maximum 3 lines Supported
  • The price is $75


  • Modem: $228.85
  • Line Installation Fee: $203.75
  • Total Monthly Cost: $999.00

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