APUA Fibre Business Packages – 24 Months & 12 Months

APUA is the most famous internet service provider in Antigua and Barbuda. If you live in this country and to check out the APUA Fibre Business Packages for 12 months contract and 24 months of contracts then read this fully.

The APUA network has provided 10Mbps to 50Mbps connections at the lowest rates of $358 to $1186 per month. These packages are the best for business owners who want to install a new and fast fibre internet connection at their offices and workplaces.

APUA 24 Months Plans Business Packages

PlansUploading SpeedDownloading SpeedInstallationModemPrice
Ultra 2010 Mbps20 Mbps$350.00$228.85$358.20/month
Ultra 3015 Mbps30 Mbps$350.00$228.85$473.20/month
Ultra 5025 Mbps50 Mbps$350.00$228.85$697.45/month
Ultra 7535Mbps70 Mbps$350.00$228.85$956.20/month
Ultra 10050 Mbps100 Mbps$350.00$228.85$1186.20/month

If customers want to activate 24 monthly contract business packages, they have to pay modem charges of $228.85 and installation charges of $350 on each plan.

APUA 12 Months Business Plans

PlansUploading- DownloadInstallationModemPrice
Ultra 2010 Mbps – 20 Mbps$350$228.85$490.45/month
Ultra 3015 Mbps – 30 Mbps$350$228.85$662.95/month
Ultra 5025 Mbps – 50 Mbps$350$228.85$999.33/month
Ultra 7535Mbps – 70 Mbps$350$228.85$1387.45/month
Ultra 10050 Mbps – 100 Mbps$350$228.85$1732.45/month

If customers want to activate 12 months contract business packages, they have to pay modem charges $228.85 and installation charges of $350 on each plan.

The APUA (Antigua Public Utilities Authority) helpline number for Antigua and Barbuda is +1 (268) 480-7575. You can call them to check the coverage in your area and the prices of Fiber packages.

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