APUA Prepaid inet Talk Only Packages

APUA Prepaid users can get daily, weekly and 30 day plans on their SIM cards and can make unlimited calls on APUA networks and other local numbers. Its packages are starting from $5 and end at $99.

APUA Prepaid inet Talk Only Packages

PackagePriceValidityTalk MinsSMS
italk 50$5.001 Day50Unlimited (in the network)
italk 300$25.007 Days300Unlimited (in the network)
italk 600$34.007 Days600Unlimited (in the network)
italk 1500$79.0030 Days1500Unlimited (in the network)
italk 2500$99.0030 Days2500Unlimited (in the network)

iTalk 50 package provides 50 calling minutes on all networks and unlimited text messages on all networks. This package costs about $5 and customers who want to call for a short time can activate this package. iTalk 300 package provides 300 calling minutes & unlimited SMS, and iTalk 600 provides 600 calling minutes and unlimited SMS on all networks.

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