Best APUA Postpaid Talk and Data Packages

If you are an APUA customer or are going to join this network then you can read the full guide here. I will explain and provide you with the best APUA postpaid talk and data packages and offers. Postpaid networks are the best for those who want to join contract base plans and SIM cards. APUA postpaid phones and SIM cards are the best for businesses and families. Here are some APUA postpaid talks and data packages.

Best APUA Postpaid Talk and Data Packages

ChargesDataBonus DataUSA, UK, Canada MinsLocal MinsRegional MinsLocal TextsDeposit
$89.958 GB8 GB025000Unlimited$200
$159.0010 GB10 GB50300050Unlimited$200
$189.0015 GB15 GB75350075Unlimited$200
$250.0020 GB20 GB1004000100Unlimited$200
$315.0025 GB25 GB1504000150Unlimited$200
$378.0030 GB30 GB2004500200Unlimited$200
$505.0040 GB40 GB2505000250Unlimited$200
$590.0050 GB50 GB5005000400Unlimited$400

With these packages, customers can get weekend free calls and text messages. These are free and every postpaid customer who will activate this package will get free unlimited text and calls.

With all given plans, postpaid users will get unlimited texts and double data as a bonus. This will be usable at end of the package. In some packages, customers will receive free calling minutes for USA, UK and Canada. Local minutes are usable on all networks for calling.

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