At&t Unlimited elite Plan HBO Max

AT&T has launched the unlimited elite plan, HBO Max, for new and exciting customers. Users waiting for 5G internet, including HBO Max, can buy these plans for their homes. The $85 per month elite plan provides unlimited free talk, texts, and internet, including 5G.

With one line, two lines, and three lines or more, AT&T has covered Unlimited Elite HBO Max Plans. Prices for these plans begin at $85 per month for AT&T Unlimited Elite HBO MaxTM. For two lines, prices will decrease to $75 per month; for three, prices will be $60 per month. You can see more plans and price details below.


If you are a new customer, you can get the new connection by visiting the AT&T store in your area. You will get more benefits when you have more lines. For example, if you get 4 lines, you have to pay $50 per month; if you get 6 lines, you have to pay $50 monthly.

1 Line$85 /month per line (HBO Max™ + 5G included)
2 Lines$75 /month per line (HBO Max™ + 5G included)
3 Lines$60 /month per line (HBO Max™ + 5G included)
4 Lines$50 /month per line (HBO Max™ + 5G included)
5 Lines$45 /month per line (HBO Max™ + 5G included)

The plans are the best for those who want to connect with others. If you are in the office and need more connections, use the AT&T Unlimited Elite Plan or HBO Max plans. You will receive 40GB of data for hotspots per line monthly. If you have used an AT&T 40GB hotspot, the internet speed will be decreased to 128 kbps.

At&t Unlimited elite Plan HBO Max Benefits

You will get more benefits from these plans. Internet security includes things like safe browsing, fraud call blocking, the prevention of spam, and personal information monitoring. Included in this, customers will receive 40GB of data for hotspots on 5G speed, which will be decreased after 40 GB of usage to 128 kbps.

With these plans, you can watch UHD HBO Max in 4K. Local data, texting, and talking are unlimited, so you can stay connected with your friends and family.

  • Unlimited Talk, Data and Text
  • HBO Max™ is included
  • Six months of free streaming gaming
  • 40GB Hotspot Internet Data
  • Streaming in 4K UHD
  • Unlimited texting to over 120 countries from the United States
  • In Mexico and Canada, talk, text, and data are unlimited.
  • Watch HBO movies and series with this package.
  • Stop spamming with ActiveArmorSM, browse safely, and block fraudulent calls.

All these features are valid for all line plans. If you buy a one-, two-, or five-line connection, you will get 40GB of data per line for hotspots. Calls, texts, and data are unlimited. (sometimes slow for high traffic). You can text in 120 countries for free and call your friends and family in Mexico and Canada.

How to activate At&t Unlimited Elite Plan HBO Max

New customers can apply for a new connection and get a $10 discount for Signature programme members. Plans are available from 1 to 5 lines with all the given features. You can buy a new connection using this method.

  • Visit the AT&T website or page.
  • Contact the internet services provider in your area
  • Login to your account on the AT&T website and add this plan to your card.
  • Call the AT&T help centre.

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