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Ethio telecom is the best mobile phone and broadband service provider in Ethiopia. More than 4 million people are using this network on mobile phones and WIFI. Ethio telecom WIFI packages are very cheap than other networks so, millions of people are trusting to this network. Ethio is providing 1Mbps to 1024Mbps WIFI and broadband packages in al Ethiopia.

You can check all broadband deals and offers prices of all bandwidth. So, first of all, compare the packages and then buy any plan for your business and home.

Ethio Telecom WIFI Packages

1MBPS2Mbps709 ETB
2MBPS3Mbps999 ETB
3MBPS4Mbps1249 ETB
4MBPS5Mbps1560 ETB
5MBPS6Mbps1865 ETB
6MBPS7Mbps2155 ETB
7MBPS8Mbps2465 ETB
8MBPS – 9MBPS9Mbps2750 ETB
10MBPS11Mbps3350 ETB
11MBPS – 12MBPS12Mbps3650 ETB
15MBPS – 16MBPS16Mbps4850 ETB
17MBPS18Mbps5440 ETB
20MBPS20Mbps5900 ETB
22MBPS22Mbps6400 ETB
25MBPS25Mbps7200 ETB
27MBPS28Mbps7900 ETB
28MBPS – 30MBPS30Mbps8400 ETB
35MBPS38Mbps10,600 ETB
38MBPS – 40MBPS40Mbps11,100 ETB
45MBPS50Mbps13,600 ETB
50MBPS60Mbps15,100 ETB
60MBPS70Mbps17,600 ETB
70MBPS80Mbps20,100 ETB
75MBPS80Mbps20,100 ETB
80MBPS80Mbps20,100 ETB
90MBPS – 100MBPS100Mbps25,000 ETB
110MBPS – 120MBPS120Mbps30,000 ETB
150MBPS – 160MBPS160Mbps40,000 ETB
180MBPS – 200MBPS200Mbps50,000 ETB
225MBPS – 250MBPS250Mbps62,000 ETB
260MBPS – 300MBPS300Mbps74,200 ETB
400MBPS – 450MBPS450Mbps110,600 ETB
500MBPS – 600MBPS600Mbps146,700 ETB
800MBPS800Mbps195,400 ETB
900MBPS – 1024MBPS1024Mbps250,000 ETB

You can also get unlimited internet plans for your small business and home at fixed rates and speed. Fixed connections are available for different options like Aironet and VSAT.

Fixed Broadband Connections

10MBPS1699 ETB
What is the helpline number of Ethio Telecom?

Customers can call at 899, can send a text at 8994, and also can call at +251-994/+251-980.

Can we get free internet service?

Yes, you can call 899 to get free internet service at your doorstep.

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