How to Deactivate All Services in Etisalat UAE

Etisalat is used in the United Arab Emirates widely, and it has hundreds of internet, add-ons, and other services. If you live in the UAE, you must be using this network and should know about deactivating all services in Etisalat UAE. Sometimes we forget to deactivate different packages on our Etisalat after activating them. We get upset when our balance is being spent for no reason we don’t know about. Some Etisalat packages that are automatically renewed play a significant role in balancing expenses.

Unnecessary and unused packages on Etisalat lose thousands of rupees. You can also deactivate all third-party services in Etisalat UAE. Follow our instructions to deactivate extra packages that are not in our use but are activated on Etisalat UAE. How to cancel all Etisalat auto-renewal.

How to Deactivate All Services in Etisalat UAE

You can deactivate all services in Etisalat UAE by installing the Etisalat UAE app or using its shortcode. We will discuss here both methods that you can use for deactivating the unused packages and offers of Etisalat.

Deactivate Etisalat Services through the app

By installing and login into the Etisalat UAE app, you can easily deactivate all extra services. If you have not installed the Etisalat app, or you have not created an account, then first register the Etisalat account and then log in. After login in to your account, go to the Manage tab and see your active offers and services.

Click on manage and deactivate in the Etisalat app to deactivate or close any Etisalat internet offer or other offers. Doing so will unsubscribe from all redundant packages and services that you do not use. Your balance will no longer be deducted from these junk services.

Deactivate Etisalat Services and Offers Through Codes

Stop Balance Deduction from your Etisalat UAE by using and dialing the below-given codes. You can also call Etisalat helpline number 800 101 or by dialing 101 from Etisalat SIM. You can also chat with agents by visiting the website.

Etisalat Stop All Services Code

  • Dial *123# to stop all Etisalat Services. After dialing this code, follow the instructions by replying with one command.
  • Dial *101# or call at 101 to deactivate the extra services on Etisalat SIM.

How to cancel all Etisalat auto-renewal?

  • You can cancel all Etisalat Auto-renewal by dialing *170#.

Etisalat has many value-added services that are activated on Etisalat prepaid and postpaid SIM cards. These services deduct the high balance from SIM cards every month or day. To deactivate the 1111 Etisalat service, dial *123# and follow the instructions. To check the active services, install the Etisalat app and click on the manage button. The agent will close all your redundant services after talking to the company.

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