Etisalat Afghanistan Call Packages – Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Etisalat Afghanistan is the best 4G telecom network which is offering unlimited on-net and off-net calling offers and bundles to its prepaid customers. If you are looking for Etisalat Afghanistan prepaid calling packages then this is the right place. You can compare each call bundle with daily, weekly and monthly validity. More than 30+ packages are designed for its customers that are now serving there and many people are using them.

You have to just recharge the balance of the minimum package price and then dial the activation code from the below-given list. All the on-net call packages, international call packages and off-net / all networks call packages are available at different prices.

Etisalat Afghanistan Call Packages

All the packages prices and minutes are for the current time only. These plans can be changed by Etisalat Afghanistan company anytime. We will try to update the package plans as soon as possible. First of all, we will provide you with the list of all on-net Etisalat Afghanistan plans that are given below.

Etisalat Afghanistan is offering international calling plans at a very low cost. Customers can make calls 4.99 AFN per minute. To activate this plan on your prepaid SIM simply send an SMS “idd35” to 3378. After confirmation of package activation customers can make calls on selected countries.

Etisalat Afghanistan On-Net Call Packages

5K minutes Monthly Bundle499 AFN5000 Minutes – 4000 Mints(10 PM-6 AM) & 1000 Mints (6 AM-10 PM)30 DaysSend ‘5000’ to 3378
5K Minutes Night Bundle199 AFN5000 Minutes (10 PM – 5:59 AM)30 DaysSend ‘199’ to 3378
1K Bundle monthly200 AFN1000 Minutes30 DaysSend ‘M200’ to 3378
250 Minutes Bundle75 AFN250 Minutes7 DaysSend ‘W75’ to 3378
150 Minutes Bundle40 AFN150 Minutes + 50 SMS1 DaySend ‘700’ to 3378
100 Minutes Bundle25 AFN100 Minutes1 DaySend ‘900’ to 3378
50 Minutes Bundle15 AFN25 Minutes1 DaySend ‘801’ to 3378

On-Net minutes packages can be Subscribed multiple times in a day, month and 7 days. Customers have need to unsubscribe present activated package to resubscribe it again. All free minutes for on-net packages can be checked by sending ‘505’ to 606. Customers will receive active services by SMS in a few seconds or minutes.

Etisalat Afghanistan All Networks Call Packages

By activating any of all networks plan, customers are freedom to make calls on any network in Afghanistan only. There are only two bundles are available which can be subscribed to on any prepaid SIM. Simply use the subscription method to activate the package and start making calls with your friends, family and loved ones.

ZIAD Bundle850 Minutes + 1GB + 850 SMS850 AFN30 DaysSend ‘ZIAD’ to 3378
Azadi Bundle500 Minutes + 100 MB + 500 SMS650 AFN30 DaysSend ‘SAZADI’ to 3378

Simply call at 888 to activate or deactivate any of the given packages on Etisalat AFN SIM. Customers can unsubscribe from these packages in condition if they want to activate any package again before the expiration of the activated package.

Mukammal Bundles Etisalat Afghanistan

Mukammal plans are designed for prepaid customers of Etisalat AFN users. These packages can be subscribed by completing the recharge of choice plan. Simply use the activation methods to activate any of the internet, Call and SMS packages.

Mukammal 2991500 Minutes + 500MB + 500 SMS299 AFN30 DaysSend ‘M299’ to 3378
Mukammal 4502GB + 2000 Minutes + 2000 SMS450 AFN30 DaysSend ‘450’ to 3378
Mukammal 4993GB + 500 minutes + 500 SMS499 AFN30 DaysSend ‘499’ to 3378
Mukammal 7996GB + 1000 Minutes + 1000 SMS799 AFN30 DaysSend ‘799’ to 3378
Mukammal 45 500MB + 100 Minutes45 AFN1 DaySend ’45’ to 3378
Mukammal 20100MB + 50 Minutes20 AFN1 DaySend ‘806’ to 3378

Etisalat Afghanistan International Calling Plans

International calling plans help us to make calls with our family and friends who live abroad. People who are using Etisalat AFN SIM can use the below-given plans and activate them by using activation methods to make calls international at the lowest prices.

Pakistan, India, USA & Canada50 Minutes150 AFN30 DaysSend ’50’ To 3378
Pakistan, India, USA & Canada25 Minutes75 AFN7 DaysSend ‘W25’ To  3378
Pakistan, India, USA & Canada10 Minutes35 AFN1 DaySend ’35’ To 3378
Pakistan75 Minutes165 AFN30 DaysSend ‘M75’ to 3378
Pakistan40 Minutes90 AFN7 DaysSend ‘W40’ to 3378
Pakistan20 Minutes45 AFN1 DaySend ‘D20’ to 3378
How to Check the Remaining Free Minutes?

All free minutes for on-net packages can be checked by send ‘505’ to 606. Customers will receive active services by an SMS in few seconds or minutes.

How to Check Balance in Etisalat AFN?

Dial *123#

What is the Etisalat Customer Care number / Helpline Number?

Dial 888 or 0786-786786.

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