Etisalat Afghanistan Internet Packages – Daily, weekly, Monthly

Enjoy non-stop internet while living in Afghanistan and using Etisalat Afghanistan. There are more than 20 internet packages that I am providing below. You can activate them by using their subscription codes and sending SMS. All the packages are valid for only Etisalat Afghanistan users.

Etisalat Afghanistan Monthly Internet Packages

There are more than 30 internet packages that are designed for Etisalat Afghanistan. These packages are valid for all prepaid Etisalat users in Afghanistan. Packages are starting from 10 AFN to 1500 AFN in monthly, daily and weekly validity.

Etisalat Afghanistan Monthly Internet Packages

Etisalat Monthly 10GB10GB + 10GB999 AFNSend “10GB” to 3378
Monthly 20GB15GB+5GB (256 Kbps)1499 AFNSend “20GB” to 3378
Etisalat Monthly 7GB7GB + 6GB799 AFNSend “7GB” to 3378
Etisalat Monthly 4GB4GB + 2GB499 AFNSend “4GB” to 3378
Monthly 5GB Bundle5GB + 3.8GB599 AFNSend “5GB” to 3378
3GB Night3GB (10 PM to 5:59 AM)99 AFNSend “NBS” to 3378
Etisalat Monthly 3GB3GB449 AFNSend “3GB” to 3378
Etisalat Monthly 1.5GB1.5GB299 AFNSend “1HGB” to 3378
Etisalat Monthly 1GB1GB250 AFNSend “A1” to 3378

Etisalat Afghanistan Weekly Internet Packages

Small Weekly Bundle300MB45 AFNSend “300 MB” to 3378
Large Weekly Bundle1.5GB149 AFNSend “149” to 3378

Etisalat Afghanistan Daily Internet Packages

Customers can get daily 1GB to 200 MB internet data plan is very costly. Etisalat Afghanistan is offering a 1GB data offer for 1 day which costs about 50 AFN. Another plan that provides 200MB for one day costs only 15 AFN.

Daily 1GB1GB50 AFNSend “D50” to 3378
Daily 200MB200MB15 AFNSend “D200” to 3378
Hourly 400MB400MB10 AFNSend “H400” to 3378

Etisalat Afghanistan 90 Days Internet Packages

Etisalat is offering only two 90 days internet offers/bundles. From these packages, customers will receive 6GB to 25GB of data for 3 months. Packages prices and details are given below.

6GB for 90 Days6GB999 AFNSend “6GB” to 3378
25GB Data Bundle25GB1999 AFNSend “25GB” to 3378

When the internet package/bundle will end and customers will use the internet without an internet plan then the price of the internet will cost 1 AFN/MB.

How to Check the remaining internet package / bundle on Etisalat Afghanistan?

To check the internet balance or volume simply go to the messages and send “505” to 606. Customers will receive a confirmation SMS with the details of the currently active package or balance.

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