Lycamobile France 10 Euro Internet Package Code

What are you looking for in the Lycamobile France 10 Euro internet package? If yes, you come to the right place. Lycamobile is widely used in France which is mostly famous because of its good coverage. Now, Lycamobila has introduces a new package that cost 10 Euro per month.

What is Lycamobile France’s 10 Euro Internet Package?

In this package, customers can get 10GB of mobile data, 3000 calling minutes and 1000 text messages for 30 days. This package cost 10 Euro per month which can be availed for any prepaid customer. Here are the details of this package:

PackageLycaMobile Internet package
Price10 Euro
Include10GB Data
1000 SMS
3000 Calling Minutes
Validity30 Days


To activate the 10 Euro Lycamobile internet package, dial *101*10*1# from your phone and press the call button. Your package will be activated if there will be enough balance in your SIM card. Customers also can use the Lycamobile France app to activate and deactivate this package.

How to check Data Balance?

To check the data balance in your Lycamobile SIM card, dial *101*1# and press the call button. It will show your remaining data volume in your SIM card.

In the alternative, you can use the Lycamobile app and can see your balance history, remaining internet, calling minutes, and text messages.

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