Mobilis Internet Plans – Daily, Weekly and Monthly

We are going to provide you with daily, weekly and monthly internet packages and plans for Mobilis Algeria. You can easily subscribe to any of the internet packages on prepaid SIM cards and postpaid SIM cards. There are many types of internet plans for Mobilis which are given below.

Mobilis Internet Plans – Prepaid and Postpaid SIM Plans

If you have bought a new Mobilis SIM card and want to subscribe monthly internet package, daily internet package or weekly internet package you can use the helpline number. Including this, you can use the Mobilis app to check the latest data packages and offers.

Postpaid SIM cards have different types of offers. You can get the Sama Libre 1300 offer which gives you the best rates of 2.5 DA/30 Second call and 0·5 DA / SMS. You can make calls anytime without any hassle but first of all, you have to activate this plan. Prepaid customers also have the availability of the latest cheap internet packages and plans.

Mobilis Prepaid Internet Services and Plans

Mobilis prepaid Sama plans have reasonable rates. You can activate many other internet packages while using this. Companies have different types of packages like prepaid SAMA talk and SAMA mix and much more. In some of the internet offers customers have availablity of some call packages. So, by using these packages customers have never need to buy call plans.

1) Mobilis Sama Talk Plans

500MB+Unlimited Mobilis Calls500 DA
2GB+Unlimited Mobilis Calls1000 DA
3GB+Unlimited Mobilis Calls6000 DA
4GB+Unlimited Mobilis Calls8000 DA
Sama Talk Plans

2) Mobilis SAMA Mix Plans

500MB+Unlimited Mobilis Calls50 DA
1GB+Unlimited Mobilis Calls200 DA
5GB+Unlimited Mobilis Calls1000 DA
15GB+Unlimited Mobilis Calls2000 DA
30GB+Free Facebook+Unlimited Mobilis Calls3000 DA
50GB+Free Facebook+Unlimited Mobilis Calls4000 DA
Sama Mix Plans

Dial *600# to activate Sama Mix plans on any prepaid SIM card. Customers must have enough required balance in their SIM card to activate the service. With some internet plans, Facebook is free till packaging expiry. These calling minutes are valid for all networks in Algeria.

3) SAMA Net Prepaid

With SAMA net prepaid offer, customers can enjoy up to 90GB of unlimited internet data for the whole month. Just choose the best data plan form SAMA net prepaid offers and dial *600# to activate any of the package.

60GB+Free Facebook1500 DA
90GB+Free Facebook2000 DA
300MB Facebook and Whatsapp30 DA
10GB+Unlimited Mobilis Calls500 DA
30GB+Free Facebook+Unlimited Mobilis Calls1000 DA
Sama net Plans

4) PixX Offers:

Connect Pass + 1 GB1 GB Data100 DA
Connect+ Pass 3 GB3 GB Data 200 DA
Connect+ Pass 7 GB7 GB Data400 DA

5) Pass Internet:

300MB + Free Facebook and WhatsApp30 DA24H
1 GB100 DA24H
4 GB500 DA7 Days
10GB + 500MB Mob Sound1000 DA30 Days
25 GB2000 DA30 Days

6) Navigated Pass:

10 GB + 500 MB MobSoundPass 1000 DA1 Month
25 GBPass 2000 DA1 Month
80 GBPass 6000 DA3 Months
300 GBPass 15000 DA6 Months

Mobilis Modem Wifi Plans

if you ar eusing Mobilis 3G or 4G WIFI device then you deffinilty have need of these plans. Mobilis has launched WIFI devices that help customer to use inetrnet on multiple devices with fastest 4G internet. Customers can get 25GB per month data in only 5,500 DA per 2 month. Contract is availale for 2 months so that you will recieve total of 50GB data means 25GB data per month.

OfferWIFI Nivi Modern Plans
Data50 GB at a rate of 25 GB per month
Price5,500 DA

If customers waant to buy a new 3G or 4G WIFI device then this is avaiable on Mobilis franchise and retailers. They can get it and can get a welcome bonus of 3GB data. Dial *222# to check the credit in your moderen device. For more information you can visit Mobilis offical website and can call at helpline.

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