Ooredoo Algeria Calling Plans – Prepaid and Postpaid

Algerian people can get an Ooredoo SIM card from any nearest franchise and retailer for free and can get a good discount on internet packages and calling plans. If you are using an Ooredoo Algeria SIM card then you must know the prepaid calling plans. These plans can help you to save money while making calls internationally and on other networks.

Ooredoo Algerian prepaid SIM card has a good opportunity because you have many offers to subscribe to. By activating these packages you can call anywhere in the whole country. Here are some call packages that you can subscribe easily by dialling the activation code.

Ooredoo Algeria Calling Plans

PackageCalling MinutesPriceValidity
Package 5060 Minutes50 DA24 Hours
Package 100Unlimited Ooredoo Calls100 DA24 Hours
Package 150Unlimited Ooredoo Calls + 15 Other Network Minutes150 DA24 Hours

To subscribe to any call package dial *151# from your phone. The package will be subscribed if you have enough balance on your SIM card. Here are many other offers for postpaid users that are providing internet packages, call minutes, and free SMS.

Ooredoo Algeria postpaid calling plans are providing unlimited Ooredoo to Ooredoo calls for 24 hours and free calling minutes for international networks. You can activate any postpaid package by using activation code *151#.

Ooredoo Algeria Postpaid Packages – Free Calls, SMS and Internet

Local CallsInternational CallsPriceValidity
Unlimited Ooredoo Calls10 International Minutes1500 DA2 Months
Unlimited Ooredoo Calls30 International Minutes2500 DA2 Months
Unlimited Ooredoo Calls50 International Minutes4000 DA2 Months

Get Ooredoo unlimited calls, 10 international minutes in just 1500 Da for 2 months. Customers can make international calls in France, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Malaysia, Romania, South Korea, Hong Kong, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Malta, Iceland, the United States of America, Luxembourg and many countries.

By using these types of SIM cards, customers can share the internet with a second person. Customers can share 30GB per month of the internet from the main SIM to other Ooredoo SIM cards. To enable data sharing simply dial *113# from your SIM Card. By activation, this service user will need to pay 500 Da per month.

Is there a commitment to this package?

Yes, you have to get this plan on a 12-month commitment.

Are there any Security fees before activation of the plan?

Yes, you have to pay 1000 Da as security before activation.

Can I get roaming service using this package?

Yes, you can get roaming service by topping up your account balance.

How to pay bills for Ooredoo prepaid and postpaid plans?

You can get a recharge online, can visit any nearest franchise and retailer to get the balance and pay bills.

How to subscribe internet plans?

You can subscribe to the internet plans by dialling *113# from your prepaid and postpaid sim cards.

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