Ooredoo Oman internet packages

Ooredoo Oman Internet Packages & Offers (2023)

Ooredoo Oman provides a full range of services, including broadband internet access, mobile and fixed-line phone, and business solutions. We will delve into the world of Ooredoo Oman Internet Packages, exploring the features, benefits, and options available to users in Oman.

Ooredoo Oman Internet Packages

Customers can activate any given package by dialling *555# or using the activation shortcode. Daily internet offers 1GB of data for one day in only RO 1 which can be subscribed to by dialling *555*21#. Hourly internet package in Oman is also designed for those users who need this for a short time. Ooredoo Oman provides 100MB data for 1 hour in only RO 0.50 by dialling *141*4*100#.

Daily Internet Packages

Ooredoo consumers can get 100MB in RO 0.50 by dialling *141*4*100# for 1 hour. 500MB data package can be activated by dialling *555*53# for one day in only RO 0.50. Prepaid customers can get 1GB mobile data at 5G speed by dialling *555*21# in only RO 1. These all packages are valid for prepaid Hala SIM cards only.

100 MBRO 0.50Hourly*141*4*100#
500 MBRO 0.50Daily*555*53#
1 GBRO 1Daily*555*21#
  • Packages are valid only for Hala SIM users
  • Hourly internet package valid for 1 hour only
  • Daily internet package will expire mid-night of validity.

Ooredoo Oman Weekly Internet Packages

Weekly internet offers are also available at reasonable prices. Oman residents who use Ooredoo SIM cards can get 400MB of data for 7 days in only RO 1. To activate the 400MB data or 5GB data package dial *555#. A list of all packages will be shown on the mobile screen which users have to select.

400 MBRO 1Weekly*555#
1.5 GBRO 2Weekly*555#
2 GBRO 2.1Weekly*555*84#
5 GBRO 4Weekly*555#
  • Packages are valid only for Hala SIM users

Ooredoo Oman monthly Internet Packages

Ooredoo Oman’s monthly internet packages are starting from RO 3 and end at RO 100. These packages are also valid for Hala SIM card users and be valid for 4 weeks. With these packages, customers can use all over the Internet including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and all the apps and websites.

2 GBRO 34 Weeks*555#
4 GBRO 54 Weeks*555#
12 GBRO 104 Weeks*555#
3 GBRO 34 Weeks*555*22#
6 GBRO 54 Weeks*555*22#
15 GBRO 104 Weeks*555*69#
  • Packages are valid for only Hala prepaid subscribers
  • To activate the package and recharge dial *115*3*Recharge Code#
  • Balance check code: *102*3#

Unlimited YouTube Package

Ooredoo Oman Unlimited YouTube Package

Enjoy unlimited Youtube in only RO 1 for one day. Watch TV, dramas, and movies and stream unlimited using this package. Subscribe to the Ooredoo Oman youtube package by dialling *141*600#.

DataUnlimited YouTube
PriceRO 1
Validity1 Day
SubscribeDial *141*600#
UnsubscribeDial *141*600*1#

Ooredoo Hala Data SIM Packages

RO 32 GB500 MB4 Weeks
RO 54 GB1 GB4 Weeks
  • These packages are valid for prepaid customers
  • To activate the package dial *555# or select the data SIM from the menu

Hala New Packages Including Voice Calls

PriceDataCross MinLocal CallValidity
RO 21.5 GB25 min50 min7 Days
RO 58 GB50 min7 Days
RO 3.52 GB50 min28 Days
RO 64.5 GB25 min100 min28 Days
RO 66 GB25 min150 min28 Days
RO 912 GB300 min28 Days
RO 1218 GB400 min28 Days
RO 1830 GB675 min28 Days
  • To activate: Dial *555#
  • Check balance: Dial *102#
  • Cross minutes are valid for Pakistan, India, Bangladesh

Ooredoo Oman Prepaid 5G Internet Packages

Ooredoo is offering 5G internet plans including free social networks, and local and international calls. If you have not activated the 5G service on your SIM then you can activate it by sending ‘5G’ to 80082. Here are the Oman Ooredoo 5G internet packages.

PriceDataSocialLocal CallCross MinValid
RO 57 GB1 GB50 min7 Days
RO 21 GB500 MB50 min25 min7 Days
RO 1830 GB600 min75 min28 Days
RO 1215 GB300 min50 min28 Days
RO 98 GB2 GB250 min35 min28 Days
RO 63 GB1.5 GB100 min25 min28 Days
RO 3.51.5 GB500 MB50 min28 Days
  • Local data: Usable anywhere
  • Social Data: for WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.
  • Cross Minutes: Usable for calling India, Pakistan and Bangladesh
  • Local Call: Usable to call anywhere in Oman
  • Subscribe 5G: Send SMS ‘5G’ to 80082

Oman Tourist SIM Card Plan & Data Offer

Those customers who are coming to Oman can get tourist SIM cards by choosing any below-given package. Customers can check the balance in Ooredoo Oman SIM by Dial *555*800#.

15 GB & Snapchat50 Min50 SMS10 DaysRO 5
15 GB & SnapChat100 Min100 SMS15 DaysRO 10
  • Calls: Local and international
  • Text: Local & International
  • Check Balance: Dial *555*800#
  • Snapchat: Usable for texts, images, audio & videos, not valid to call audio and video
  • Valid: Tourist SIM is valid for only 1 month; You can reactivate and can increase expiry time by recharging each time.

Ooredoo Oman is also offering unlimited internet plans to its prepaid customers. If you are a prepaid customer, you can dial 1500 and can get an unlimited internet plan for 28 days.

Ooredoo Oman Basic Codes

Helpline: Dial 1500

Check Balance: Dial *102#

Loan Credit: Dial *222*123#

Check Number: Dial *141*29#

Data Transfer: Dial *222#

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