Roshan Call Packages – Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Enjoy calling plans by using the Roshan Call packages for daily, weekly and monthly validity. Here I will show Roshan call packages that provide free minutes to make calls on the Roshan network and other networks in Afghanistan. If you are looking for long-time calling plans on Roshan Afghanistan then this is the right place.

Subscribe to Roshan call packages to make calls with your friends, family and loved ones. Prepaid users can subscribe to daily call packages and can call on any Roshan network in Afghanistan. Other networks call packages allowed users to call on all networks in Afghanistan. Some of the call packages allowed users to use free internet because these packages are providing internet and users have not need to subscribe to Roshan internet packages.

Roshan Call Packages Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Roshan is offering daily call packages, weekly call packages and monthly call packages. From daily Roshan call packages, users can enjoy 150 Roshan minutes in just ؋30. There are many call packages that you can check and subscribe to from given tables.

Roshan Daily Call Packages

Customers can enjoy a Flat Rate for Calls & Text messages in National 1.50 AF/MIN. To subscribe to cheap calling and texting plans Send 199 to 555. Roshan is offering 40 on-net minutes to make calls on Roshan numbers. This offer can be subscribed by sending 40 to 555.

Unlimited Roshan Minutes for Night؋15Send 15 to 555Send 15D to 555
35 National Minutes for 1 Day؋45Send 45 to 555Send D45 to 555
150 Roshan Minutes for 1 Day؋30Send 35 to 555Send D35 to 555
40 Roshan minutes for 1 Day؋15Send 40 to 555Send D40 to 555
Flat Rate Call & Text National 1.50 AF/MIN؋1.99Send 199 to 555Send D199 to 555
Unlimited Roshan minutes (10 PM – 6 AM)؋10Dial 242Dial 242

Weekly Call Packages

Roshan is offering 500 on-net minutes and 500 SMS for Roshan networks. These SMS / Text messages can be sent to any Roshan number. To subscribe to the offer send 90 to 555.

PackageWeekly Call Package
Call Minutes500 Roshan Minutes
SMS500 Roshan SMS
How to ActivateSend 90 to 555
How to DeactivateSend D90 to 555
Validity7 Days

Here is another call package that is offering 225 Roshan minutes and 225 Roshan SMS for 1 week. Customers can make calls and send SMS on all Roshan numbers in Afghanistan. The subscription method is simple just Dial 242 for offer activation.

PackageWeekly Call Package
Call Minutes225 Roshan Minutes
SMS225 Roshan SMS
How to ActivateCall at 242
How to DeactivateCall at 242
Validity7 Days

Roshan Monthly Call Packages

Roshan has national minutes call packages and Roshan free calls minutes packages for monthly validity. Customers can subscribe to these packages and make calls to their friends and family. Customers cannot make calls in other countries for calling international they need to subscribe to Roshan international call packages.

Monthly 400 Roshan Minutes؋120Send 120 to 555Send D120 to 555
Monthly 120 National Minutes؋200Send 200 to 555Send D200 to 555
Monthly 1000 Minutes & Unlimited Roshan SMS؋200Send 220 to 555Send D220 to 555
Monthly 1500 Roshan Minutes؋225Send 225 to 555Send D225 to 555
Monthly 400 Roshan & 200 National Minutes؋430Send 430 to 555Send D430 to 555
Monthly 5000 Roshan Minutes and Unlimited SMS؋450Send 499 to 555Send D499 to 555
Monthly 2000 Roshan Minutes (10 PM to 6 AM)؋45Dial 242Dial 242
Monthly Unlimited Minutes & SMS؋90Dial 242Dial 242

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