Roshan Internet Packages – Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Roshan is an Afghanistani telecom network that is mostly famous for its internet packages and plans. Here you can read the Roshan internet packages details with activation codes. We will provide you with daily internet packages, weekly internet packages and monthly internet packages.

All packages prices and resources are for the current time of writing this post. These packages can be changed in future. There are more than 30 internet packages for prepaid subscribers. Customers can subscribe to any Roshan internet package by dialling *555# or calling at Roshan helpline. Customers can also check the Network coverage in Afghanistan and check the Roshan Bands.

Roshan Daily internet Packages

Here are 6 daily internet packages of the Roshan network which are starting from ؋6 to ؋90. These plans are starting from 50MB to 3GB per day plan. Check the packages from the given table.

Daily 50MB + 50 Roshan SMS؋5Send S5 to 555Send US5 to 555
Daily 60MB + Facebook FREESend DFB to 555Send UDFB to 555
Daily 200MB +50 MB Social15؋Send s6 to 555Send U6 to 555
Daily 250MB30؋Send D200 to 555Send UD200 to 555
Daily 1GB؋50Send D1 to 555Send UD1 to 555
Daily 3GB؋90Send 3GB to 555Send U3GB to 555
Daily 10GB (11 PM to 7 AM)؋45Send N45 to 555Send UN45 to 555

Weekly Internet Packages

Rosahn is offering a weekly internet package which is providing 512MB for 7 days. This package can be subscribed by ؋75 and customers can browse the internet on all websites and social sites.

Weekly 512MB؋75Sen W512 to 555Send UW512 to 555

Roshan Monthly Internet Packages

There are many internet packages that are available in the given table. Roshan is offering 250MB to 40GB internet packages. These packages can be subscribed by dialling *555# or using its subscription methods. Here are some social packages like the 200MB monthly social package that can be subscribed to by sending SMS “FB50” to 555. After activation of this package customers can easily use Facebook for 1 month.

Monthly 200MB Facebook؋45Send FB50 to 555Send UYFB to 555
Monthly 400MB Facebook؋60Send FB A to 555Send FB D to 555
Monthly 500MB Social Bundle؋90Send S100 to 555Send U100 to 555
Monthly 1.5GB؋250Send M1 to 555 Send UM1 to 555
Monthly 2.5GB؋350Sen M2 to 555 Send UM2 to 555
Monthly 4GB + 300MB Facebook؋450Sen M3  to 555Send UM3 to 555
Monthly 4GB + 6000 SMS؋450Send SP3 to 555Send DSP3 to 555
Monthly 5GB؋540Send 5 to 555Send U5 to 555
Monthly 6GB + 500MB Facebook؋550Send M5  to 555Send UM5 to 555
Monthly 9GB + 700MB Facebook؋800Send M7 to 555Send UM7 to 555
Monthly 16GB SME Bundle؋900Send SM9 to 555Send DSM9 to 555
Monthly 10GB؋900Send 10 to 555Send U10 to 555
Monthly 12GB؋999Send M10 to 555Send UM10 to 555
Monthly 15GB؋1200Send A15 to 555Send D15 to 555
Monthly 18GB؋1499Send M15 to 555Send UM15 to 555
Monthly 20GB؋1599Send 20GB to 555Send D20GB to 555
Monthly 30GB؋1799Send 30GB to 555Send D30GB to 555
Monthly 40GB؋1999Send 40GB to 555Send D40GB to 555
Monthly 8GB +1500 Roshan Mins & SMS؋799Send D17 to 555Auto Unsubscribed
Monthly 3GB +1000 Roshan Mins & SMS؋450Send D16 to 555Auto Unsubscribed
Monthly Night 7GB 11 PM – 7 AM؋350Send N7 to 555 Send UN7 to 555

Monthly all-in-one bundles are available for prepaid customers that are providing 8GB data, 1500 Roshan minutes and 1500 SMS for 30 days. After subscribing to this package, customers have never need to subscribe to any Roshan Call packages for all month.

Customers can use my Roshan app to subscribe, check packages and for account history checks. This app is free and all Roshan customers are able to use this. Simply download and install this app from Play Store and open the app. Enter your Roshan number and verify it. After doing this all customers can enjoy many benefits.

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