Salaam Call Packages – Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Salaam is an Afghani Mobile phone network which is providing calling, SMS, internet services in all of Afghanistan. This network is providing National and International calls packages and offers at low rates that users can read and check-in at a given table or list. You can check the Salaam Call Packages for all validities by reading this post fully.

Salaam Call Packages & Rates

Salaam network call rates are affordable and all prepaid customers can call at 0.6 AFN per 15 seconds for off-net / other networks. This call rate is for all tariff users. On-net call rate Salaam to Salaam is 0.47 AFN per 15 seconds that is fixed and users will never need to pay any extra charges.

On-Net Call Rate0.47 AFN per 15 seconds
Off-Net Call Rate 0.6 AFN per 15 seconds

Salaam Afghanistan is offering daily call packages, weekly call packages and monthly call packages at affordable rates for all prepaid users.

Salaam Daily Call Packages

15 Off-Net Minutes25 AFNWrite A <space> 0D
& send to 740
Write D <space> 0D
& send to 740
1 Day
60 On-Net Minutes20 AFNWrite A <space> 20
& send to 740
Write D <space> 20
& send to 740
1 Day
100 On-Net Minutes30 AFNWrite A <space> 30
& send to 740
Write D <space> 30
& send to 740
1 Day
200 On-Net Minutes50 AFNWrite A <space> 50
& send to 740
Write D <space> 50
& send to 740
1 Day

Customers have to need to write D instead of A to unsubscribe and deactivate any of the packages given above. Salaam is offering 15 off-net minutes in just 25 AFN for 1 day. Salaam to Salaam call packages users can subscribe to 200 on-net minutes call packages which cost 50 AFN per day.

Salaam Weekly Call Package

There are only three call packages in Salaam prepaid SIM cards. Users can activate any package by using the activation method in the table.

30 Off-Net Minutes40 AFNA <space> OW and send to 740D <space> OW and send to 7407 Days
200 On-Net Minutes + 200 On-Net SMS + 40 Off-Net Minutes85 AFNA <space> 85 and send to 740D <space> 85 and send to 7407 Days
500 On-Net Minutes89 AFNA <space> 89 and send to 740D <space> 89 and send to 7407 Days
120 On-Net Minutes +120 SMS
On-Net + 200MB
45 AFsA < space > 45 and send to 740D < space >45 and send to 7407 Days

Salaam Monthly Call Packages

Here are some call packages which are valid for 1 month. Customers can subscribe to these packages and can get double benefits like they can get internet for free. So, Salaam internet packages are never needed while having these packages.

70 Off-Net Minutes90 AFNA <space> OM and send to740D <space> OM and send to74030 Days
500 On-Net Minutes90 AFNA <space> 90 and send to740D <space> 90 and send to74030 Days
1500 On-Net Minutes299 AFNA <space> 1500 and send to740D <space> 1500 and send to74030 Days
3000 On-Net Minutes & Unlimited On-Net SMS + 3GB1000 AFsA <space> 1000D <space> 100030 Days
1000 On-Net & 50 Off-Net Minutes + Unlimited SMS + 1GB500 AFsA <space> 500D <space> 50030 Days

It is very easy to subscribe call package on the salaam network. Simply do recharge (required by package) by going to any retailer and subscribing to the call package to make calls with your friends, family and loved ones. To check the balance in Salaam SIM simply dial *888#. Salaam helpline number is 744 which can be dialled using the only salaam SIM card.

Visit Salaam Official website to check more details:

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