Salaam Internet Packages – Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Enjoy unlimited Salaam internet packages and offers with Salaam prepaid. If you are looking for Salaam internet packages then you came to the right place. Here are the complete list of Salaam’s daily internet package, Weekly internet packages and monthly internet packages with activation codes. This is a 3G network and customers can enjoy 3G amazing internet speed. Salaam is the best telecom mobile phone network in Afghanistan which is used mostly in prepaid connections.

Salaam Daily, Weekly & Monthly Internet Packages

Enjoy 1Gb to 10GB Weekly internet packages, 100MB to 1GB daily internet packages and 1GB to 50GB monthly internet packages. Salaam internet packages prices are starting from 10AFs to 1499 AFs. These packages and prices are for the current time and can be changed at any time.

PackagesChargesActivation Deactivation
Salaam Daily 1GB49 AFsSend A <space> 49″ to 740Send “D <space> 49” to 740
Salaam Daily 100MB10 AFsSend “A <space> 100MB” to 740Send “D <space> 100MB” to 740
Salaam 2 Weeks 250MB28 AFsSend “A <space> 250MB” to 740Send “D <space> 250MB” to 740
Salaam Monthly 1GB92 AFsSend “A <space> 1GB” to 740Send “D <space> to 1GB” 740
Salaam Monthly 3GB184 AFsSend “A <space> 3GB” to 740Send “D <space> to 3GB” 740
Salaam Monthly 5GB276 AFsSend “A <space> 5GB” to 740Send “D <space> 5GB” to 740
Salaam Monthly 10GB415 AFsSend “A <space> 10GB” to 740Send “D <space> 10GB” to 740
Salaam Weekly 1 GB50 AFsSend “A <Space> SML” to 740Send “D <Space> SML” to 740
Salaam Monthly 2 GB90 AFsSend “A <Space> MDM” to 740Send “D<Space> MDM” to 740
Salaam Monthly 5 GB200 AFsSend “A <Space> LRG” to 740Send “D <Space> LRG” to 740
Salaam Monthly 10 GB350 AFsSend “A <Space> XTR” to 740Send “D <Space> XTR” to 740
Salaam Monthly 30GB (1GB daily)1200 AFsSend “A <space> 1200” to 740Send “D <space> 1200” to 740
Salaam Monthly 50GB1499 AFsSend “A <space> 50GB” to 740Send D <space> 50GB” to 740
3000 On-net minutes,
Unlimited SMS & 3GB
1000 AFsSend “A<space> 1000” to 740Send “D <space> 100” to 740
1000 On-net & 50 Off-net
Mints + Unlimited SMS & 1GB
500 AFsSend “A <space> 500” to 740Send “D <space> 500” to 740

After activating the all-in-one packages on the Salaam network, Users have never need to subscribe to any Salaam call packages. This is a 3G network and we hope that in Afghanistan 4G will come very soon. You can also check the network coverage in Afghanistan on this website.

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