Telstra Long Life Plus SIM Only Mobile Review

Telstra is providing a $70 long life plus plan to its SIM-only customers. You can use its Pay As You Go SIM card and can recharge to get long life plus plan. There is not any locked-in contract to get this plan. Just recharge $70 and activate this plan on your SIM card to get unlimited text messages.

Validity365 Days
WIFITelstra Air Free WIFI
Text MessagesUnlimited Messages
National Calls30c/minute

With the Pay As You Go SIM card, customers can activate any type of add-on and can use the internet, can call on national networks at the cheapest rate of 30c per minute, and can send unlimited SMS. Telstra has the promise to provide its customers with more than 1.5Mbps download speed.


With these Add-Ons you can activate any given internet, call and text message plan on your SIM card. These plans and add-ons are valid for Telstra SIM only plans users.

Data Add-On

$530 MB45 Days
$10200 MB30 Days
$101 GB7 Days
$202.5 GB7 Days
$20700 MB30 Days
$391 GB30 Days
$493 GB30 Days
$594 GB30 Days

Text Messages Add-On

$53030 Days
$108530 Days
$2018030 Days
$3950030 Days

Calling Add-On

$53030 Days
$108530 Days
$2018030 Days
$3950030 Days

MMS Add-On

$51230 Days
$102530 Days
$205530 Days
$3915030 Days

Default Rates

National Calls30c/Minute
Text Messages30c/SMS
Directory Assistance$2.24 / each
Standard International SMS20c / each
Standard International MMS75c / each
National MMS30c / each
National Video MMS75c / each

To activate any of the given package, add-on you can contact Telstra by calling 125 8887 from your Telstra Pre-Paid mobile phone or by calling 13 22 00 from any other phone.

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