Vodafone Albania Roaming Plans & Bundles

Vodafone Albania Roaming bundles allow customers to make calls, send SMS and use the internet while living abroad. If you are going abroad like Europe and SHBA or Canada then you have to need to use roaming services to contact your family and friends. So, here are the all packages and offers of Vodafone Albania roaming.

In some roaming bundles, customers will receive free internet which will valid for 4 days, daily, 10 days and 30 days by your bundle. If you are going to Europe and looking for a daily Europe bundle for your Vodafone Albania SIM then it is offering free internet, international minutes and free SMS. You have to just activate the roaming service from the Vodafone Albania franchise or any retailer shop if you are in Albania.

Vodafone Albania Roaming Plans & Bundles

Daily Europe 400 ALL
Enjoy Roaming Services in Europe Canada+USA
400 Lekë

200MB Internet

10 Minutes (Incoming)

10 Outgoing Minutes (toward all destinations)

10 Outgoing Minutes (Vodafone Albania)

10 Outgoing SMS

4 Days Europe Bundle
Calling, Texting & internet Living in Europe
800 Lekë
4 Days

30 Incoming Minutes

30 Outgoing SMS

30 Incoming Minutes (Vodafone Albania)

10 Outgoing Minutes (toward all destinations)

300MB Internet

Europe, SHBA & Kanada
Enjoy roaming services living in Europe, SHBA & Kanada
1500 Lekë
10 Days

500MB Internet Data

80 Incoming Calling Minutes

20 Outgoing Calling Minutes (toward all destinations)

80 Exit Minutes with (Vodafone Albania)

80 Outgoing SMS

10 Days World Bundle
Vodafone Albania Roaming Internet, SMS & Calls
2000 Lekë
10 Days

500MB Internet Data

50 Voice Call Incoming Minutes

50 Outgoing Voice Call Minutes

50 Outgoing SMS

300MB Internet Europe
Use Internet on VodaFone with Albania Vodafone
300 Lekë
24 Hours

300MB Internet

1.5GB Internet Europe, SHBA & Kanada
Use Internet on Albania Vodafone With Roaming
1300 Lekë
10 Days

1.5GB Internet

All bundles have different validity and resources. Many people go from their home country to work in other countries but they do not know how to activate mobile phone packages, bundles and so on. If you have a Vodafone Albania Network prepaid or postpaid card and you are going to Europe, you can get information by dialling 131. Upon arrival in Europe, users can easily activate packages and bundles by dialling *123#.

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