How to Forward Calls From a Broken Cell Phone

How to Forward Calls From a Broken Cell Phone

This is a very common issue that when someone’s mobile phone is broken and while this happened they need to make a call they got worried. Here are some methods that you can use to call any number easily. If an iPhone mobile is broken or its screen is broken, it becomes impossible to use the mobile. If you have another mobile phone then you will definitely search on the internet about How to Forward Calls From a Broken Cell Phone.

After setting the calls forward in your broken mobile phone all the calls will be forwarded to another attached number. You will never receive calls on a broken phone.

Best Method to Forwarding Calls From a Broken Cell Phone

There are some methods that you can use and control your mobile phone and after this, you can easily forward calls from your broken phone. In many countries call forward can be set through a SIM card. You can insert your SIM card from broken mobile and can insert it in a new or friend’s mobile. On his/her mobile phone you can easily forward a call.

Forward Calls from a Broken Cell Phone

Android mobiles are mostly used in the world but this mobile phone got broken and you are unable to call from this then you can forward its calls to another number. You have to insert a broken phone SIM card in your friend’s or any other phone and use the following method.

  1. Go to the mobile phone settings
  2. Select Calls or contacts
  3. Tap on the call forward option
  4. There will be multiple options like forwarding calls on not reached or other
  5. Choose any of the options that you want
  6. Enter your second number to get calls
  7. After completing this setting you will start receiving calls on your other number

If this method is not working you can continue using another method. If there is a prepaid SIM card in your broken mobile phone, you can call your network helpline and request them to forward calls. You can also download the AnyDesk app and can install it on your phone. After downloading this app you can control your broken phone on your other phone or PC. From this, you can easily forward calls and can receive calls on your second number.

How to Forward Calls From an iPhone With a Broken Screen

If you have an iPhone and your mobile phone is broken, you can easily receive calls from your mobile phone on another mobile phone. For this, you will need the help of your mobile phone network.

If you have mobile phones from Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, and other networks, you can call their support numbers and get calls forwarded. Verizon’s helpline is 800-922-0204, Sprint’s call center number is 888-211-4727 and AT&T’s call center number is 800-331-0500. You can call your mobile carrier and reach the customer service agent.

Told them your number and if they ask for any details like your identity number let’s tell them. They will require a new number where you want to receive calls. After providing this information they will activate call forwarding on your broken phone.

You have to check whether this service is working or not call on your broken phone. If the service is working and you are receiving calls on your other number then it is done. In other countries, residents can check their network in the countries list and can get a helpline number.

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