Can We Use Any SIM Card on an iCloud Locked Phone A complete guide

Can We Use Any SIM Card on an iCloud Locked Phone?

If you have bought an iPhone with iCloud lock installed, this can cause you a lot of trouble. Many functions do not work in such mobile phones, making the mobile phone useless. iCloud Lock is a security feature that prevents unauthorized users from accessing mobile phones. Remember that only the original Apple ID and password can unlock an iCloud-locked iPhone. You can use any SIM Card on an iCloud Locked Phone by reading our guide.

Can We Use Any SIM Card on an iCloud Locked Phone?

No, the mobile phone cannot be used until an Apple ID is provided when inserting the SIM card. When you change the SIM Card, An error message will say, “This iPhone is linked to an Apple ID.”

I have seen many people who buy a mobile phone but don’t know how to lock or unlock their Apple ID. After running for a few days, when they decide to lock their store or mobile phone, they come to know about it.

I also came across a mobile phone that had iCloud locked. I tried to bypass it, after which its lock opened, but its finger sensor stopped working. You will find complete information in this post on what to do when this happens to you.

Methods to Use Any SIM Card on an iCloud Locked Phone.

Here are some methods to help you use the SIM Card on an iCloud Locked iPhone. These methods can work depending on your iPhone model.

  1. Contact the previous owner and ask for the Apple ID. This is an effortless step, but it can be a challenging step for you. Because to know the owner is some difficulty if you buy a mobile phone from market.
  2. If the mobile phone is not locked, you can insert a sim card without shutting down the phone. Just activate the aeroplane mode and insert/change the SIM card. Turn off the Aeroplane mode after a few minutes. The SIM card will start working.
  3. You can bypass the mobile phone, but I will not recommend doing so. After bypassing the iPhone, some of the features and functions stopped working. For your mobile phone camera, the Finger sensor can stop working.

You can violate Apple’s terms of service by bypassing iCloud lock. Apple can lock your Apple ID if they catch you.

Here are some tips that you can use before buying an iPhone:

  • Buy iPhones from a reputable seller.
  • You must ask the seller for its original Apple ID and password.
  • Check its iPhone serial number and confirm that this mobile phone is not blocked.
  • Always check the mobile phone serial numbers on iCloud Lookup websites, which will help prevent buying blocked phones.
  • Dial *06# or check the IMEI; it is bypassed if the IMEI number is blocked.

Final Words

Finally, If you are looking for the answer to “Can We Use Any SIM Card on an iCloud Locked Phone?” Its answer is “Not”. If you own an iPhone and forgot the Apple ID, try to recover this using your mobile number or more information. You can also contact the Apple help centre, store and mobile repair shop to unlock your phone.

Can we use any sim card on an iCloud locked phone iPhone

No, You have to unlock the phone before changing the SIM Card.

Can you change the SIM card on a locked phone?

No, Some companies lock the phones for one carrier only; if you change it, it will not work.

How to unlock a phone to any network for free

To unlock a phone for any network, contact your carrier. They will take some fee and unlock it after this, and you can use any network SIM card in it.

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