DU Advance Balance Code – How to Get a Loan from DU

Do you need a loan but don’t know where to start? If so, you’re in luck! This article will give you an overview of the DU Advance Balance Code, and explain how to get a loan from DU. With this code, you can get a fast and easy loan that is tailored to your individual needs. You can easily get 5 AED advance balance on your DU SIM easily by using this method.

DU Advance Balance Code

DU Advance Balance Code

OfferDU Advance Balance
Activation Code*108# > 1
Loan Amount5 AED
Fee1 AED+5% VAT

All customers can easily get 5 AED loan on their SIM. If your SIM has a balance of less than 1 AED, you can easily get 5 AED by simply dialing one code. Dial *108# to get DU loan of 5 AED on any prepaid SIM. DU Advance balance code method is easy and you can get DU advance balance by sending “AUTO ON” to 1080. Send SMS “AUTO OFF” to 1080 to unsubscribe from DU Auto loan credit offer.

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How to Get a Loan from DU?

  1. Dial *108# from Dialpad
  2. Reply with 1 to get 5 AED loan
  3. You will received 5 AED in your account
  4. You can use this credit for calls, Messages and internet
  5. 1 AED + 5% VAT will charged next time when you recharge your account

Once the advance balance is credited into your DU account you will be able to talk on calls, send text messages and use the internet. Next time, When user will recharge balance in its DU SIM then the loan amount 5 AED+1AED with 5% VAT will be deducted from their account. Here are some terms and conditions to get the loan on DU prepaid SIM.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Customers have lower balance than 1 AED
  2. Have not take any loan before this that is still on pending for paid
  3. DU user must have be a client at least 3 months old and have spent balance of 10 AED or more

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