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BT Data Only SIM Deals 2022 | BT Internet SIM

BT Data only SIM cards are available at a cheap price. BT SIM Cards deals 2022 are updated and customers can get a 20% discount by ordering a new SIM. If you are looking for data-only SIMs that provide only internet no minutes or texts included then here is the list of these packages. These data SIMs are usable on all those devices that support messages sent and receive. Data SIMs are usable in mobile phones, tablets, and broadband devices. If you are a new user and you don’t know about its plans then read this post carefully. BT offers data SIM cards deals on 12 months contract. No monthly fees will increase or decrease while the contract is not expired.

Prices£9 – £23
BT HALODouble Volume
Broadband Users£5 Discount

You can insert the SIM cards into your mobile phones and can use the internet anywhere without any hassle. BT offers 3GB data offer in £14 per month on a 12-month contract. If you have a BT phone then you can use these plans on it and can get more than 20% discount. Keep in mind that you cannot send text messages and calls while using the data SIMs in your mobile phones. 5GB monthly deal price is £15 and 8GB monthly deal price is £17. If you already have a BT phone then you can upgrade it and can get extra SIMs with family SIMs.

BT Data Only SIM Card Deals 2022

BT offers a free BT sports app which monthly costs are £10 for 30GB and 15GB plans. If you already have a broadband connection then it is easy to get data only SIM connection. By having a broadband connection you can get a £5 discount on all plans of Data SIMS, Only SIM deals, and broadband deals. It is a limited-time offer it can be ended anytime without any notice.

New Users
Price for BT
Broadband Users
3GB6GB£14 £9
5GB10GB£15 £10
16GB£17 £12

If you already have BT broadband then BT will give you a £5 discount on each data SIM deal. While having BT halo customers will receive double data in each data plan SIM monthly deals. For example, 3GB DATA SIM price is £14 and customers have already a broadband connection then-new prices after discount will be £9. In the condition of having BT Halo, customers will get double data if the plan is providing 3GB then the customers will get 6GB data each month.


Other network users can easily merge to this network by contacting their helpline number and by creating a new account on the BT website. There are many benefits to join BT SIM plans because we can get unlimited minutes and texts in Only SIM deals. Customers can access 5 million Wi-Fi hotspots in all countries, Roam Like Home in 47 countries, If you want to upgrade to a tablet and mobile phone plan then it is easy and you can do. You can increase and decrease the monthly internet as you wish and the good news is that you can get 30 days money-back guarantee.

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