BT Student Broadband Deals UK (2023) – 9 & 12 Months

BT users have a new opportunity that they can get unlimited data with broadband connections. UK best network BT has introduced a new offer “BT student broadband deals” in which customers can get unlimited data for the whole month at a discounted price.

With 9 months and 12 months contracts, all students can get 36Mbps to 67Mbps connections for below than £31 per month. If you have no landline service and you have already a home phone number then you will lose it.

BT Student Broadband Deals UK 2023

BT is offering three broadband unlimited data deals for students as of 2023. With Fibre Essential plan customers will get unlimited data for the whole month for £27.99 a month. The average speed of this plan is 36MBPS. You can enjoy reliable browsing, streaming, and data sharing.

For the 9 monthly contracts, its monthly price is £27.99 and with 12 monthly contracts, you can get this plan for £24.99 a month after a discount. Broadband connection fees will increase every year by the policy of BT.

BT Unlimited Data Deals (12 months Contract)

PlansAverage SpeedPrice
Fibre Essential36Mbps£24.99
Fibre 150Mbps£29.99
Fibre 267Mbps£31.99

Its Fiber 2 internet connection is the best way to use unlimited and fastest internet. This plan is providing 67Mbps internet speed for only £31.99 per month. To get the connection simply signup on the official website and visit any nearest store.

BT Unlimited Data Deals (9 months Contract)

PlansAverage SpeedPrice
Fibre Essential36Mbps£27.99
Fibre 150Mbps£31.99
Fibre 267Mbps£33.99

Terms & Conditions

  • Keep in mind that if you select this plan then you will not be able to make and receive calls and messages including emergency calls.
  • BT student broadband deals are valid for all BT customers and landline users
  • Your home services like your number and personal alarms will stop working and you will not able to use them.
  • You will not able to get your old home number and you can only get a new number if you want to change your plan

This company is offering 12 months and 9 months of contract base plans and services in all United Kingdom. If you are new in this country or you are using first time this internet connection then you may also check its reviews. BT is the best and highest-speed internet service provider in the United Kingdom and you may check this network.

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