Etisalat Home Internet 199 Plan Review and Speed

While living in UAE, if we need internet, it comes to our mind which internet will be good and will provide high-speed data for an extended period of time. Etisalat is a widely used network in UAE which is well known for its network coverage and its packages are available in all budgets. Here we will provide you with the package information of Etisalat Home Internet 199 AED and its review.

With this package, you can use unlimited internet at home for 199 AED for a whole month. If we talk about internet speed, they will provide you with 4G internet devices, giving you high speeds of 10Mbps to 13Mbps.

Etisalat Home Internet 199 Plan

In the Etisalat Home 199 package, If you use the Internet at home for online work, you can use two connections without a lag. You may experience a bit of strain when using more devices at the same time.

PackageHome WIFI 199 Package
Price199 AED per month
Contract12 Months

This package gives you unlimited internet which you can use on more than 6 devices. To get the internet package you have to take the 12 month contract. If your internet contract has expired, you will have to pay AED 299 per month to reactivate it.

199 AED is provided only for new customers who have not used this service yet. It is also possible that Etisalat will charge only AED 199 for reactivation to its customers who are already availing of this offer. But it may be possible in the coming time which we will update you here.

Benefits of Etisalat 199 Home Wireless Plan:

  • It is an affordable internet plan with a monthly cost of AED 199
  • This plan offers unlimited data Which is very beneficial for family and business as it provides much internet.
  • Customers can use it without any wire installation and its coverage is also available in every area of UAE.

Etisalat 199 AED Home Internet Speed:

We have checked Etisalat’s internet connection speed Ookla and according to it, the speed of downloading is 12MBPS to 15MBPS. While its upload speed is 4 Mbps to 6 Mbps. If we compare it with DU, it is one of the best internet providing unlimited internet. This is a budget plan for a typical family.

Download Speed12Mbps – 15Mbps
Upload Speed4Mbps – 6Mbps

Your internet speed may vary depending on your region, network signal and 4G and 5G coverage.

It is a Wireless device that generates signals from the router and you have to use these WIFI signals to run the internet on your devices. Remember that there is a big difference in speed between cable internet and Wireless internet.

Free Landline calling Service:

We have seen a lot of people who are looking to buy the Home Wireless 199 package, who don’t know that this package does not come with free calls. As this is a wireless internet package powered by a 4G/5G router, you do not get landline internet service. If you have fibre internet at your home, then Etisalat also provides free landline calls with it.

How to Cancel Etisalat Home Internet

Etisalat gives this package to the users on a 12-month commitment, so users have to activate this package every month. Customers who wish to cancel the plan after purchase or prematurely can cancel their plan without any loss by following this procedure.

  • Cancel your home WIFI plan after expiring your plan contract
  • Call Etisalat customer care at 800101
  • Visit Etisalat Retailer Store
  • Login to your Etisalat app or visit the website and log in to your account to cancel it.

If you cancel the plan during the contract period, you may also have to pay a penalty of AED 1000. To avoid this penalty, you should try to cancel the contract after it expires.

Follow these steps to avoid paying penalties and excess money while cancelling Etisalat Home Internet:

  • Give a reason such as a change of home or location
  • Explain the reason why the connection is permanently lost (ie you don’t need internet).

You can end your connection through the Online app and after logging in to the website by clicking Services > Internet > Home Wi-Fi and clicking Cancel. You must return the supplied modem and router after which you will not be liable for any replacement charges. Your internet will be terminated after which you will not be able to use it at all.

What Should I Use This Plan for My Home?

You can purchase this plan for home use. This plan depends on your internet usage purpose and the total number of devices connected. If you are using it for browsing or watching videos at home then this plan can be very good and budget-friendly. Internet users can also use it for their online work.

Note that if you move the device to another location while using this plan, your internet will not work. For this, you have to first call the customer centre to unlock the location and then you will be able to use it.

I would recommend you buy this plan and install it at your home. This will give you the fastest internet with unlimited internet.

When you order this plan online, it will be delivered to your given address within 24 hours. In the received parcel, you will get one router and one Etisalat SIM card.

You have to remove this SIM card from the packaging and insert it into the device and then turn on the device. It will start providing you with 4G speed internet and you can connect your devices with the help of Wi-Fi signals received from it.

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