Du Home Internet 199 Plan Review, Cost, Speed

Du has a large number of home internet packages but among them, there are only a few packages that provide unlimited internet to the users. Here we will tell you about every running internet connection at Du home and its cost.

Du is the most widely used network in Dubai and provides mobile phone sources as well as Wi-Fi internet. Recently, Du launched an internet plan for its customers at AED 199 per month which provides unlimited internet.

Thanks to this package, you can connect any device in your home with it and get unlimited internet. This source of Du is mostly used in homes where the internet is used more. If you are new and want to know about this package, then here we will provide you with complete information.

What is Du Home Wireless 199 Plan?

With this plan, users get unlimited internet which can be used on more than 5 devices at a time. Du subscribers can save up to 70% if they are activating it for the first time. Here is some information about this plan that you can easily read and get more benefits from this package.

Plan NameUnlimited Home WIFI
PriceAED 199
Contract12 Months
Include5G WIFI Device

Along with this, you get a 5G Wi-Fi device that provides Wi-Fi signals. You can easily connect with your mobiles, laptops, or any other devices through it.

Cost of Internet After Completing Contract

After completing the contract, customers will be charged AED 299 per month. If customers do not want to use the internet after the completion of the contract, they can cancel it. Du users can easily turn on the connection after inserting the SIM card into the device, the current price for new users is AED 299 while old users who already have the connection can get it at AED 299.

After ContractAED 399
Contract 12 Months

What’s included

  • 5G router Device
  • 1 Du Data SIM Card

When you sign up for this plan, the company will send you a parcel to your given address. In it you get one Du SIM, one 5G internet router. You have to insert that SIM card into the router and activate the SIM. This device will start providing the WIFI signals and you can connect any device with this.

Du Home Wireless 199 Plan Cancellation

If you want to cancel it early, you will have to pay a monthly internet fee of up to AED 1000, plus device charges. To cancel service dial 155 and can use the Du app. Try to cancel the plan within 15 days or else you may have to pay the next month’s fee and some extra money along with it.

  • You can cancel this plan using the following method:
  • Contact the call centre
  • Visit the office
  • By logging into the online web or app

What will be the internet speed on Home Unlimited 5G Plan?

DU has promised users 1 Mbps speed but it may be less or more than that. The more people use the internet, the slower the speed. If you are facing an internet speed problem then you can solve it by following the below method.

  • Place your router near a window or in an open area where signals are expected.
  • Put less load on internet devices and allow fewer users to connect
  • Keep changing passwords
  • Restart the device

By following these steps you can fix your internet speed. If even after following these methods your internet is not working or is running slowly, then you should contact the company’s helpline or file an online complaint.

Is Du offering unlimited internet with 199 Home Plan?

Yes, You will get unlimited internet for 12 months contract.

What is Du Home Wireless 199 Plan Cancellation method?

You can cancell this plan before 15 days of activation. Otherwise you will have to pay one month fee and device cost.

Can I change Device Location?

No, you cannot change device location otherwise you internet will not work. To change the location first inform to Du team and provide a new location. The team will activate internet on your current locaction.

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