Movicel Angola Flex Plans – Internet, Calls, Text

Movicel Angola Flex plans and deals that give you free calls, texts and internet. Here are the latest Movicel Angola flex plans and discounts you can subscribe to using the below-given method. This plan is starting deals from 500Kz which provide off-net usage for calling and texting.

Movicel Flex Plans – Internet, Calls, Text

5MB / Day25 Minutes30 Text500Kz*202*500#
10MB / Day55 Minutes50 Text1000Kz*202*1000#
20MB / Day100 Minutes80 Text2000Kz*202*2000#
30MB / Day150 Minutes100 Text3000Kz*202*3000#
40MB / Day250 Minutes150 Text4000Kz*202*4000#
50MB / Day350 Minutes200 Text5000Kz*202*5000#
  • Given Calling minutes and Text are valid for only the Movicel network
  • These offers are valid only for Flex users

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