Movicel Angola Internet Plans – Movinet Data Plans

Enjoy the fastest 4G internet with Movicel Angola in all countries. You can activate any of the internet packages and plan by following the given USSD codes. Movicel Angola Internet Plans and offers for prepaid and postpaid customers are available with the latest prices and activation codes.

Movicel Angola Internet Plans

100kz100MB1 DAY*200*100#
350Kz400MB1 DAY*200*350#
400Kz500MB1 DAY*200*400#
700Kz1GB1 DAY*200*700#
1.000Kz1GB1 DAY*200*1000#
2.000kz2GB1 DAY*200*2000#
5.000kz6GB1 DAY*200*5000#
8.000kz10GB1 DAY*200*8000#


Data Additive is the cheapest and most good SIM card which offers daily, 3-day and monthly internet plans to its new and old users. You can continue using these plans if you are a new or an old customer both. Tourists can also use these plans on their prepaid SIM cards.

100MB100kz1 DAY*204*100#
500MB400kz1 DAY*204*400#
1GB700kz1 DAY*204*700#
1GB850kz3 DAYS*204*850#
1GB1000kz30 DAYS*204*1000#
2GB2000kz30 DAYS*204*2000#
6GB5000kz30 DAYS*204*5000#
10GB8000kz30 DAYS*204*8000#


BWÉ 200MB200kz200 MB/night15 Nights*205*200#
BWÉ 500MB500kz500 MB/night15 Nights*205*500#
BWÉ 1GB1000kz1000 MB/night15 Nights*205*1000#
  • To activate and deactivate you can call at Movicel helpline number 19191.
  • For cancellation of any plan simply send ‘CANCEL’ to 19500 or 19200
  • You can also use Taco Card, internet banking and debit card o activate any given offer online.

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